How to Manifest Your Desires Quickly

The universe likes speed so manifesting our desires fast is a good idea. Just recently, I was chatting to someone about how fast the Earth is spinning and the answer shocked me:

  • Our planet itself is spinning at about 1,000 miles an hour
  • We’re going round the sun at about 66,000 miles an hour
  • Our galaxy is spinning at around 43,000 miles an hour
  • We’re orbiting our galaxy at around 483,000 miles an hour

So the universe definitely likes speed.

And, since manifesting our desires is linked to everything else happening in the universe, it follows that they like speed as well.

So stop being a slow coach and act fast towards those things you desire.

Be grateful

You can start by being grateful for what you’ve already got.

Gratitude is a really big part of manifesting things into your life.

If you’re not grateful for what you’ve already got, the universe and everyone and everything in it “picks up” on that. A bit like an animal knowing when you’re scared of it.

A gratitude journal is one way to keep on top of it – I like to run through at least 3 things that I’m grateful for at the end of each day. That puts me in a good state of mind before I go to sleep. And it also signals to the universe that I’m grateful for what I’m already receiving.

On top of that, I practice saying “thank you” as much as possible during the day. Out loud if it’s appropriate. In my head if it’s not socially acceptable to say thank you out loud – not everyone thinks that thanking traffic lights for turning green is part of our social norm. But try it – and challenge yourself to see how many green lights in a row you can get just by thanking them. Weird but fun.

And fun is another part of manifesting your desires quickly.

Get rid of the clutter

After that, de-clutter your life, mind and personal space.

Just as much as it likes speed, the universe abhors a vacuum. Slightly odd to think about since space is close to being a vacuum but try it.

If you’re like me and struggle to keep your desk tidy, you’ll already know that empty spaces fill up rapidly.

That’s even more the case when you deliberately clear the space to make room for something else.

So clear the space where whatever it is you want to manifest will occupy.

If it’s a new house, you’re unlikely to be able to bulldoze the plot. But you can tidy and spruce up your existing living space, ready to show potential buyers around or to be able to move out at a moment’s notice to your new dream home.

The same goes for anything else you want to manifest. Whether it’s a physical object or a desire.

Clear the space, ready for the new thing to manifest in its place.

Stop being attached to a specific outcome

Sometimes we hold too tight onto things.

When we’re gripping them as though our life depended on it (it rarely does) then they can’t escape our clutches. And, in turn, that means they’re blocking the way for new things to appear in their place.

Let go.

Unless it’s dangerous to do so of course.

But most of the time there’s a feeling of relief and calm that will flow through you when you do this.

Most outcomes are only “real” inside our heads. We play through all the what-ifs. Lots and lots and lots of times. And then some more.

Let go of them as much as you possibly can.

Even if it’s only for a brief period of time – a fraction of a second if that’s all you can manage.

Because the simple act of letting things go frees up some space for new, usually better, things to take their place.

While you’re at it, laugh or chuckle. Just because.


Celebrate your wins on your way to getting your desires.

They might be small wins – finding a parking space fast, no queue in front of you at the store, your email spam getting filtered where it belongs so it doesn’t clutter your inbox.

Celebrate anything and everything that deserves to be celebrated, no matter how small.

Go into “dog” mode and just be happy in the moment.

Then when the next thing arrives to be happy for, be happy for that.

The more reasons you find to celebrate, the more things will come into your life to give you cause for celebration.

Because that’s what your focusing on.

And, in turn, that’s the law of attraction working in your favour to attract things.

Try it.

And if you’d like more help attracting all sorts of good desires into your life, click this link and I’ll send you my free law of attraction video to help you manifest your desires even faster.