How To Organize Your Life And Get Rid Of Clutter

We all know when it comes to everyday life things can get overwhelming – and fast. Because we have so many distractions, we are always putting things off. Partly because there aren’t enough hours in the day to do anything other than that.

If there’s something I’ve learned it’s how to become organized (or at least less dis-organized).

Many people find it very difficult to get rid of clutter in their houses because of laziness or being busy at all hours of the day and night.

However, there are others who fail in this area because they don’t take the necessary steps in getting this done and declutter themselves.

The whole point of organizing things is to be able to use time more efficiently so we can do the things we love and spend more time with the ones we love. The problem is that we often become so busy, we end up neglecting them.

I’m going to show you how to organize your life and get rid of the clutter in order to live a more happy, productive and organized life. To get rid of clutter, one must follow the following simple steps:

  1. Clearing stuff or cleaning stuff in the house
  2. Sorting the stuff cleaned from the house according to priority and categories.

To ensure this is done in the best way, some other factors also need to be considered and applied. These factors are discussed below.


Have you ever sat down on your computer to promise yourself you’re going to get work done, only to spend countless hours trapped on YouTube or Facebook?

I’m sure you have – we’re all guilty from time to time.

Procrastination is maybe one of the biggest enemies of being organized.

It’s something we’re all guilty of from time to time. It won’t just take your time away, it will take away your energy and focus and make you spend it on things that you don’t even care about.

Here are some simple tips on how to kill procrastination:

  • Set small time frames to complete your tasks – it’s less daunting to set aside five or ten minutes than an hour or two
  • Make things into a daily habit – we’re creatures of routine so turn that to your advantage
  • Reward yourself on completion – a small treat works wonders
  • Set yourself specific “me time” so that you’re focusing on yourself as well
  • Improve your sleeping patterns – lack of sleep can affect all sorts of things in our lives

Doing these things on a regular basis will help you build new habits which will improve your focus and commitment to getting tasks done.

The 5 Things We Need In Life

Life itself is a series of moments but it’s not how many moments you have, it’s how you use each of those moments. These are important in every area of our life. Without balance in each of these areas, you will find it very hard to be stable and organized.

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Finance
  • Fun
  • Fitness

Whether we think we have the time or not, we need to put time aside to make the best of what we have in life.

The organization isn’t just about how to spend time, but it’s also about learning how to appreciate it.

That’s done by not just spending time with the ones you care about, but also working on your own body and health, so you can get clarity in your long term and short term goals.

Short Term and Long Term Goals

One of the key components to being productive, efficient and organized isn’t just knowing what you have to do and when. It’s knowing how to prioritize each task.

The two basics of these goals are the short term and long term.

Without having a balance between short term and long term, you’ll lose focus, purpose, and attention to why you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place. Or why you want to keep doing it.

By having a list of short term goals that you have to complete each day, will build the willpower, discipline and focus on achieving your long-term goals. As a note, your long-term goals are just as important as your short term goals.

Be sure to buy yourself a planner if you want to take this seriously. Writing things down physically with pen and paper is somehow different from just typing them into a document – much the same as it’s recently been shown that we remember a lot less of the books we read on Kindle than the ones we hold in our hands.

If that’s not an option, then there are some great time management apps that you can download, such as Evernote, if you wanted to take your goals seriously.

Organize Your Mind

We all get distracted occasionally. That’s fine. But it becomes a problem whenever we have an important assignment, essay or project we have to get done by a certain time. There have been studies done to show the average human attention span and they’re not encouraging.

Would you believe in 1950, the average human attention span was around 9 seconds? Guess what it is now? Less than 5.

Not only is that a serious sign of poor time management and planning, it also shows that we have too many things in our lives that are necessary or important that are holding us back.

Science says a great way to clear your mind is to go for a 15 -minute walk or to do 15 minutes of meditation a day pr take a power nap. This retrains your mind into focussing on what’s really important, and how to stay consistent, committed and focussed throughout the day.

It’s All About Balance

Whether you want to be organized in your personal life or just your work life, you have to figure out what works for you. But a key rule is that health always comes first.

If you don’t have realistic goals that suit your lifestyle, you’re always going to be stressed out or burnt out.

Never underestimate the important of having a break, sitting back and letting yourself rest so you can function at full capacity again.