Best Self Hypnosis Downloads Review

Steve G Jones: Better Living with Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is easiest when you listen to a hypnosis download.

I’ve been using hypnosis for a number of years and there are three places I’d turn to for something that’s close to a custom hypnosis download but is available for instant download.

This is my review of the best personal hypnosis downloads available.

Which particular option works best for you is partly a matter of preference and partly the availability of the thing you want to work on.

All the hypnosis sites reviewed cover the most popular options and my number one choice has tracks available for almost anything you can imagine!

#3 – Better Living with Hypnosis

Better Living with Hypnosis is is a collection of tracks is a selection of thousands of tracks by master hypnotherapist Steve G Jones.

Steve G Jones: Better Living with HypnosisAlmost all the tracks come in a bewildering variety of options with extra loops and other goodies being added (as well as the price rising!)

Prices vary considerably from under $20 right the way up to over $200 for the 5 Diamond Series which mixes in binaural beats and other technical wizardry to give you the best possible hypnosis experience.

If the price puts you off then it’s worth signing up for the mailing list – they do occasional sales where every track is available at just $1 which would obviously be the time to stock up on any tracks you wanted but didn’t need immediately.

Steve G Jones is a qualified hypnotist and works extensively in the personal development area so he knows precisely the right commands to weave into the tracks to make sure they are as effective as possible.

You can browse his titles and check out the differences between them here.

#2 – Hypnosis Live

Hypnosis Live has over 200 self hypnosis downloads available, most of them under $20.

Hypnosis LiveThey also have a specially priced deal of the day on a featured track – if that fits with your particular needs, it’s a bargain price but it really does change every day, it’s not just a marketing gimmic.

If you’ve never experienced a hypnosis MP3 download before then Hypnosis Live offer a free recording (naturally in exchange for your name and email address, but you can always unsubscribe) – you can get it from this link.

The topics covered are wide and varied: everything from the usual things such as weight loss, confidence (regular and adult options) and stopping smoking through to specific fears such as talking on the telephone and even the fear of going insane.

They also do a number of bundles – pre-selected comninations of hypnosis tracks that offer a considerable discount on buying the hypnosis downloads individually.

The tracks are high quality and are created by qualified hypnosis professionals so that you get the right messages sent to your subconscious mind.

The quality is high and very similar to the number one choice…

#1 – Hypnosis Downloads

Hypnosis Downloads are long established and the quantity and quality of their tracks confirms that.

Hypnosis DownloadsThey were established in 1995 and have been offering hypnosis MP3 downloads since the year 2000.

They also run their own hypnosis practices so they bring real life experience to the downloads that are created.

There’s even an option to get the scripts used in the downloads, a good option if you’re practising your hypnosis skills.

The number of tracks is ever-increasing (well over 1,200 at the last count) and covers a wide range of topics.

Their weight loss section addresses the regular issues of making sure that you stick to your diet as well as specific topics such as stopping binge eating, enjoying healthy eating and curbing your addiction to chocolate.

The fears and phobias section covers everything from the more normal fears such as heights and flying through to other phobias such as fear of having a heart attack, fear of unfamiliar places and technophobia. Chances are that if you’re afraid of something, there’ll be a download to help you with it.

There are also bundle deals and “10 Step” courses that come with a manual as well as a selection of tracks.

Hypnosis Downloads qualify for the first position as their tracks are reasonably priced, they are recorded by qualified hypnotherapists and they’re long established.