How to Develop Whole Brain Thinking?

Have you ever thought why is it that you are really good at something, for instance maths, but really bad at sports? Or maybe why is it that someone can be a genius at school but when it comes to socialize and make friends this person gets frozen? Perhaps you have heard about the theory of multiple intelligences and how it expands the possible abilities and talents a person can possess.

According to De Boer (2015), “when whole brain thinking is activated multiple intelligence can be nourished”. But, what are we talking about when we refer to “Whole Brain Thinking”? As showed in the forementioned examples, the human being tends to prefer different ways of thinking and consequently, he/she tends to strengthen distinct skills. Here is where whole brain thinking appears to help people take advantage of the full available thinking.

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How to Deal With a Loss of Status

Loss of status is a big change and it can have negative effects on our physical and mental health. It can be caused because of retirement, a career change or losing a job in another way. Either way, it is hard since it is a circumstance that derives from the outside factors and usually, there is not much we can do about it. However, it is important that we try to keep our mood up and maintain our health in these difficult times. It is definitely going to be better than letting ourselves go. Here are some tips and ideas on how to deal with a loss of status.

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How to Think Outside the Box in Life

Many people talk about “thinking outside the box,” but has anyone ever tought you how to think outside the box in real life? Those who are comfortable with this type of critical thinking about how they can do it and those who do not know how to ask for their education. These kinds of reflections may be evidence of saving our world from destruction, so the more people who can use this new type of thinking, the better.

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How to Make a Dramatic Change in Your Life

Have you ever wondered why did your life seem a bit dull compared to the others? Sometimes you are wondering why the others get all the cool moments in their life and here you are finding ways on how to change your life. Some of you even considering quitting your job in order to fulfill your bucket list but still worrying about financial problems. Not to mention some debts from your studies.

Let me be frank with you. All the other people are just the same as you. In fact, they have almost similar problems to you. But how do they cope up with their problems while you don’t? Here I will be giving away 6 ways that you can do to dramatically change your life. Yes indeed. However, you need to follow these steps consistently in order to feel the change.

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How to Write Affirmations for Subliminals

Subliminal affirmation messages are some of the best ways to overcome many life problems, from physical health to mental health. Sometimes you want them to keep their behavior or a unique perspective on life.

Furthermore, you can create your messages or confirm things. This is great because no one else knows your current problems better than you do despite what the professionals may tell you. This can also be a good test of the severity of the problems. Even at the end of making subliminal statements or messages, you will start to feel empowered or motivated, knowing that there is something you can do.

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How Long Should I Nap to Wake Up Refreshed?

How long must I take a nap to wake up refreshed? That is one question that most people ask everywhere. Let’s look at a 10-minute nap in depth. A 10-minute nap is a topic frequently discussed in the workplace. Some companies have discovered the benefits and have even given employees a comfortable corner in the company where they can take a 10-minute nap whenever they feel a little energized and refreshed.

If you work or even if you’re a type of person at home, at noon, your body needs some extra energy. Most of us mistake this for a dose of caffeine and go to the kitchen or grocery store for a cup of espresso. Well, caffeine is an excellent energy booster to help us stay awake all day. However, as many of us already know, the higher the level of caffeine in our bodies, the longer-term health complications will increase. That is why a 10-minute power nap is so much more powerful than your caffeine intake to maintain your power level throughout the day.

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How to Stop Crying For No Reason

Crying is a natural function of the human organism. But some people cry for no reason or do it very often. Most psychologists believe that crying is good for health as it makes us feel better. But sometimes tears are inappropriate. Hysteria with long-running depression is not considered normal. And what about every mere emotion that ends up with tears? It’s time to find out if it’s normal and get some tips, how to stop crying for no reason.

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What If You’re Scared About the Future of the World?

We live in a world of uncertainty. This means that we cannot predict every outcome, everything that will happen to us. Think about the weather, about your boss, even about viruses. To care about our world is a good thing. But to constantly think about it is overwhelming. In order to balance our lives, we should never overthink anything. We should allow the right time for the right tasks.

Being scared about the future of the world is totally natural, but thinking too much about it is depressing. Don’t worry, there are still tips to feel better about the world. After reading this article, you will not be as afraid as before, you will not think about climate change as an irremediable catastrophe.

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What’s the Best Advice for Building Confidence?

Self-esteem is not an inherent trait, it is gained through time and work on yourself. First of all, it is a way of thinking and an awareness of one’s own qualities. If you still don’t know how to build confidence, keep reading.

In order to acquire this trait, you first have to ask yourself why you do not have the confidence, that is – who assured you that you are not good enough and worthy enough?

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Self Control Techniques for Adults

Self-control is quite important in life and as such, it brings many benefits, but unfortunately, many people still need to learn that. The vast majority of people are new to getting to know their true selves, so it is challenging for them to develop self-control habits. This is a journey you take for yourself, exploring your inner self and finding your true place in this life.

The benefits are quite important for having a better quality of life, that’s why it is important to work on yourself and achieve the state of self-control in your life, for yourself and the people you love. Let’s discuss some of the steps and benefits of acquiring self-control.

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