Using a Gratitude Journal to Boost the Law of Attraction

Gratitude is one of the things that helps the law of attraction work faster.

So often, we don’t use simple words like please and thank you yet they make a world of difference.

If you’re not already in the habit, try it next time you buy something in a shop.

And smile at the same time!

One of the things that can fast track gratitude even more is keeping a gratitude journal.

Gratitude JournalYou could go all-out and buy a gratitude journal from Amazon – there are plenty to choose from and they have all sorts of nice looking designs.

But that depends on you as a person – if you need the extra impetus of buying a specific gratitude journal before you prompt yourself to fill one in on a regular basis, do it.

Because it’s often the small things that tip the balance.

Personally, I just use a notebook.

I keep it on my bedside table plus a pen so that I haven’t got to break my concentration and find a pen.

Then, for me, last thing at night I write down at least 3 things that I’m grateful for that day.

They don’t have to be momentous things – it could be a nice meal, it could even just be that the air is fresh.

The first few days it can be a “my brain aches” process but you’ll find that once you’ve filled out your gratitude journal regularly, your mind will bounce lots of ideas at you and the chances are you’ll have more than three things to write down.

Which is great news!

But even if there are only two things to be grateful for that you can consciously think of today, go with that.

As I said, the more you do this, the more things will come to mind that you’re grateful for.

Why complete your gratitude journal last thing at night?

Because it puts your mind in a positive state before you go to sleep.

You may even dream nicer dreams!

But you’ll definitely set yourself up for the law of attraction to work positively in your life much more often.

Try it yourself.

Set an alarm on your phone or stick a Post It note above your bed or whatever else it takes to remind you until it becomes a habit.

Use your gratitude journal for at least the next two weeks and I think you’ll start to notice positive changes in your life.

And if you need more help to develop an attitude of gratitude, try listening to a hypnosis gratitude download to help your subsconscious mind get the right message.