Do Subliminal Messages Actually Work?

Subliminal messages are weird.

On the face of it, they shouldn’t work.

After all, they’re imperceptible.

If they’re audio subliminal messages then they’re whispered so quietly that we can’t consciously hear them.

Subliminal MessagesIf they’re pictures, we often don’t know they’re there until someone points them out. And even then not everyone can spot them.

They’re difficult to test – you could run a double blind trial (where neither patients nor people monitoring them know who has the “real” subliminal messages). But those are expensive so they’re not carried out very often.

Or you could do like Derren Brown did on one of his shows and just tell people the audios contain subliminal messages and rely on the placebo effect.

That works.

Because we tend to believe what we’re told.

Which is why drug trials are awkward and people often get the designated side effects even when they’re taking the sugar pill placebo.

So how do we know whether or not subliminal messages actually work?

Or whether they’re just an expensive placebo and we could get the same effect just telling ourselves that the music we’re listening to has subliminal messages contained in it.

The short answer is we don’t really know.

The longer answer is that it’s difficult to pretend that the song we’ve just played on YouTube or Spotify has subliminal messages contained in it when our conscious mind says “no they don’t, you’re just trying to fool yourself”

It’s much easier to get a subliminal MP3 and play it.

You can rely on the maker to include the subliminal messages they’ve said they’re going to include.

Otherwise they’d be in trouble with advertising regulators.

Plus some geek somewhere would find a way to prove the messages weren’t really there.

So if you buy a subliminal messages MP3 at least you’ll know the messages are in it.

Then you’ve got to figure out whether or not your subconscious mind hears them.

To work that out, think back to when you’ve been in a crowded room with lots of background chatter.

Someone across the room mentions your name and you hear it.

Even though it was just spoken, not shouted and even though you’re nowhere near enough to ordinarily hear it.

That’s near enough the same as a subliminal message.

It’s about the same intensity and the same likelihood of hearing it.

Bearing that in mind, my personal view is that subliminal messages definitely work.

Typically they repeat a number of affirmations over and over throughout the track.

Which is almost the same as saying those affirmations out loud but a lot less freaky – you can listen to a track with headphones on in a lot more places than you can say affirmations out loud without getting people wondering what you’re doing.

There are subliminal messages tracks for lots of different things.

They’re cheap enough to try for yourself and decide whether or not they’re having a positive effect.

If you’d like to know the best place I’ve found to get them, click this link.