Best Personal Subliminal Messages Programs Review

Subliminal messages work at a subconscious level, tuning your thoughts without you even knowing it.

Some people claim they don’t exist. Others claim that they work brilliantly well.

In my experience, subliminal messages help fine tune your thoughts and focus your mind. It could be the placebo effect but personally I don’t care as I still get results.

Here are the top 5 subliminal message programs that I’ve found and used:

#5 – Subliminal Studio

Subliminal Studio subliminal messages creation

Depending on your point of view, this could be the number one program.

I’ve owned Subliminal Studio since it first came out and have used it to create numerous subliminal messages for myself and friends.

It’s a full package that walks you through the process of how to create your own subliminal messages and also has lots of royalty free tracks and pre-recorded subliminal messages that you can use straight away.

You’re fully in control of every single aspect of the messages – that can be a mixed blessing as you might procrastinate about their creation (in which case you’d be better off with a pre-recorded track) or you could do like some people I’ve met who have used this package to create tens (or in the case of one enthusiastic person I know) hundreds of tracks for themselves and their friends.

If you’ve got the energy and inclination, Subliminal Studio is far and away the most flexible solution available.

#4 – Subliminal Power Software

Subliminal Power computer subliminal messages

Subliminal Power is a software program that runs on your computer.

It briefly flashes up subliminal messages on to your screen – so briefly that you won’t consciously notice them but your subconscious mind will see and read every single word.

The only time I’ve seen them on screen was when my computer was doing some really heay processing and I had far too many windows open already.

You can use the pre-written messages or your own or a mixture of the two.

There’s also a guide that helps you to make sure that your subliminal messages are written correctly – you need to make sure that there are no negatives in your messages as your subconscious mind takes everything literally and can’t deal with negatives.

The Subliminal Power software runs on any Windows machine (sorry Mac users) and because it’s working all the time you’re at your computer it is a good addition to your software collection.

#3 – Subliminal Videos

Subliminal Videos

If you’re a visual person (you can quickly tell that if you “think” in pictures and say things like “I see what you mean”) then subliminal videos are probably the best way for you to use the power of subliminal messages.

The videos are available online so there’s no waiting around for them to download and you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ve got the right software to view these subliminal message videos. You can watch them whenever you want from any computer that’s connected to the internet.

Because the videos combine images and subliminal messages, their power on your subconscious mind is increased – I’ve found that when I’ve used subliminal videos, they work faster than just listening to an MP3 file.

You can find out more about Video Subliminal Messages here.

#2 – Subliminal MP3s

Subliminal MP3s pre-recorded subliminal messages

This is an excellent source for subliminal messages.

They have a selection of over 200 professionally produced pre-recorded tracks available for instant download and covering almost any topic that you want to work on in your life – from weight loss through to attracting things (money, health, a partner), boosting your confidence and many other topics.

They also offer a free download so that you can check out the power of subliminal messages for yourself. So if you’re sitting on the fence about whether or not subliminal messages can help you, this is a good way to test it out without spending any money.

You can check out the full Subliminal MP3 collection here and also get access to their offer of free subliminal MP3 tracks.

#1 – Subliminal Guru

Subliminal GuruThis is my number one choice for subliminal MP3s.

The quality of the tracks is at least as good as Subliminal MP3s and the price of the tracks is competitive. Plus there’s one track per day that’s discounted down to a silly price – the tracks really do change daily so you need to grab an offer if it shows up as it really does disappear at the stated time. Itself unusual on the web where we’re used to perpetual “special” offers.

Subliminal Guru have got a selection of over 350 subliminal MP3 tracks – everything from weight loss, confidence, sleep and relaxation, improving your mental skills, personal transformation, business-related tracks, removing bad habits & addictions (including quite a few topics that before the internet would have arrived in the post in a plain brown envelope), fears & phobias, illness, love, marriage & sexual stuff, parenting (which sometimes follows on from the previous activity), music, arts and sports improvement (without anything that would show up in your bloodstream).

If you’re interested in using a topic, it’s well worth checking out their bundle deals. These are a pre-selected bundle of related tracks with a deep discount versus buying the tracks separately. I’ve found that it’s sometimes worth getting the bundle even if I don’t initially anticipate using all the tracks as it’s cheaper than buying the ones I do want separately.

Subliminal Guru is definitely the first place I go when I want a new subliminal track – even though I could record my own. Maybe that’s just me being lazy but more likely it’s because I know the quality is good and I can start listening straight away rather than messing around for an hour or two getting my own recording spot on.

And I almost forgot to mention, you can claim two complete subliminal tracks for free when you click this link. They’re yours to download and listen as often as you want. No strings or gotchas.