Can You Really Manifest Money? Quickly?

Manifesting money is one of those things that is high up on most people’s to-do list. After all, if the law of attraction actually works then surely you must be able to use it to manifest more money into your life.

To an extent, that’s true.

After all, every single piece of money in existence has been manifested. It doesn’t grow on trees (so that story from your youth is true) or, at least, it may once have grown on trees but those trees have been processed and turned into the bank notes we trust.

But, unless you’re a government or a forger, you can’t just print your own money and hope to get away with it.

So how can you legally manifest more money?

This may sound a bit odd but actually it’s best not to focus on the money itself.

Think about it for a minute.

Unless you’re a bit odd, chances are the money won’t be put on your wall and admired as a work of art.

You’re going to spend or invest it.

Either of those are good options. And even with the current low interest rates in most of the Western world, they should earn you more than tucking your money away in a safe or burying it like the parable.

And it’s what you’re going to spend it on (immediately or after your investment matures) that’s important and will actually help you to manifest more money into your life.

Make the “thing” you want really vivid in your imagination.

You should almost be able to touch it.

That’s partly because our minds can’t differentiate between real things and vividly imagined things. Ignoring the fact that some quantum scientists may well argue that what we perceive as reality is actually just another construct in our minds. But that’s way too weird for a self help site – I focus on more tangible things (honest!)

The best way to do this visualisation is actually with pen and paper. The old fashioned way.

There’s something much more real about a sheet of paper than there is a file on a computer.

For starters, the piece of paper doesn’t vanish as soon as you walk away from it and it’s much more difficult to turn a piece of paper off than it is to turn off a computer screen or change to another tab or window.

OK, if your desk is as untidy as mine, there’s a reasonable chance the piece of paper will make its way into a stack of other pieces of paper. But it still stands more chance of being found again than an obscurely named file in a secret location that’s only known to Windows.

If you don’t believe me on that, open Word on your computer, click the option to sort by date and see if you can figure out what those file names that seemed so relevant at the time really mean.

Which is a long way of saying pen and paper is best.

But if you really must, a computer is a reasonable second best and typing has the advantage that it’s normally more legible.

Make the objest of your desire as vivid as possible.

As though it was on an Imax screen, filling almost all your field of vision.

Describe it in detail.

So if you’re trying to manifest money in order to buy a newer car, describe the make and model. The extras. The “new car” smell (even if it’s only coming as a result of the detailing and a tree shaped air freshener). The feel of the seats. The way the dashboard looks and lights up and generally shows things to you. The noise the radio or MP3 player emits. See the clock ticking away the minutes. Describe your friends and family joining you on a road trip. Visualise the car on that road trip, effortlessly making those miles disappear.

Except you’d go into even more detail than that!

Go for it.

It’s your dream and the better you can describe it, the more real it becomes and your subconscious will be drawn towards it.

Incidentally, when it comes to the spec and other “important” details, allow yourself to manifest something beyond your wildest dreams. I like to include the words “at least” a few times in this kind of exercise, much the same as I do when I’m using affirmations.

If you’re a visual person, grab a picture of whatever it is you want to manifest. And put that picture everywhere so that you’re reminded of it at every available opportunity.

Then, when your mind wanders, you can let it wander to the thing you want to manifest.

Do this – maybe starting with something small-ish if this is the first time you’ve tried to manifest money or if you’ve had less success than you’d like in the past.

Then let your subconscious mind run wild, figuring out ways to turn your dream into reality.

Because it will do just that.

It’s a fantastic piece of machinery that we’ve all got.

It does the majority of things that need to happen in our body. Day in, day out. Even while we’re sleeping.

And, given the right help, it can do exactly the same with manifesting things into our lives.

It’s actually doing that already – just maybe not in as helpful a way as you’d like.

Because your constant thoughts are steering it and, whether you like it or not, are attracting precisely what you’ve currently got in your life.

Catch yourself when those negative thoughts creep in too often. Don’t beat yourself up about the negative thoughts – they’re normal. But do turn them round to more positive thoughts as often as you can.

And if you’d like more help attracting more good things into your life – including the manifest the money you need to get some of them – click this link and I’ll share my law of attraction video with you, absolutely free, so you can start manifesting more money asap.