Creating a Clear Vision for Your Goals

Your intuition defines your intentions and your ideas, it knows what can be manifested in the physical world.  Intuition is “knowing the difference” between what you “should” be doing and what you are doing “to the point of doing, addiction, or being,” or, “shouldn’t” doing.

Intuition is always positive.

How you relate to it is a judgment. You can visualize your answers as detailed details even as you design your new strategy.

intuitionSo, have a clear vision about what you want to do, to be, and to have. You have to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are worthy of your dream and deserve to own it. If you are emotionally attached to the outcome, you won’t find the energy to manifest.  If it is a hot-button for others, if it will bring out some resentment, or if it does not concern the wants, needs, desires of others, it probably won’t happen.

If your vision is DONE, you will manifest it. If you don’t know what DONE looks like, have faith, have a hunch, or feel the “feeling of the doing” as you envision it in your mind, you will bring it into reality. It will come to you. The word “it” is the key word because if you’ve “DONE” it, you will just do it, no questions, no procrastinating, no resistance, no judgments, no excuses. You will get the result with gratitude and joy.

So, what happens when you have a DONE intent andAG recondition your mind and your life with patience, faith, joy, gratitude, and joy?

You then follow the path of your souls desire and manifest it for all humanity.

Having a clear vision forms in your mind and uplifts your whole being and it creates the clarity and the energy for everyone and everything to follow. It enhances your spiritual growth and can even create the foundation for current projects and new shifts and shifting of consciousness.

Creating your intentional outcome, your vision, sets your subconscious mind to creating the quantum possibilities, the matrix from which creation flows.  In other words, it enables you to take inspired actions and draws into your life the people, opportunities, and experiences that transform your life in magical and powerful ways…  Creating a clear vision, then setting into place the elements you need to achieve your intention is part of the process.

I have been grateful for the gifts and miracles that I have experienced in my life and yet, I still feel like a beginner in manifesting. So, I have begun to investigate how people set their intentions. These days, the answer I receive often falls into one of two categories – “on purpose” or ” unintentionally”.

The latter is like for example, I find myself in the gym and I hear my body saying: “I am hungry, run have to go, go!” I reply ‘No. I am going to the visiting room to work out”…

You see? The intention to go to the gym is said time after time with the same exact tone of my voice. Intention comes out perfectly each time and I recite it with absolute certainty.

I repeat my intention three times – one time consciously…who I am, the second time unconsciously, who I am,…and the third time actually setting these intentions – open my eyes, sit up in bed and allow my body to be energized.

Setting Your Intention

Setting an intention, a clear vision of your target satisfies the tainted horrified aspect of sneak ups matching. So, let your intentions come from the realm of unspoken wishes, hopes, and dreams.

The flow of your intention will grow in proportion to your trusting in the process and knowing that it – your intentions, should they come true- will bring immense and joyful peace, prosperity, new friends, new source of income, more self-empowerment, and even perceive new and normally unobtainable experiences.

Everyone can create a clear vision of their target. A vision of your intention helps you to create the picture of your worthiness so you can calmly shift from moment to moment. This vision expresses with power and presence because you are engaged in the truth you have chosen to see.

Intention is a divine all-knowingness that resonates from within attainment of your most unique and basic element. yourself.

Intention is unwavering trust that reflects the sense of seeing and believing, yet feeling totally detached from outcome.Intention energizes your life and demonstrates your direct connection to the divine.

It’s easy to stay connected to life when you are living each inspiring your intention from the realm of possibility through your own unique heart-felt feelings and mind.

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