How to Manifest More Money

What is manifestation though?

Manifestation is when you put yourself in harmony with what you want to accomplish. For example, if you want to make more money, put yourself in situations that will put yourself in a position to make more money.

You know how it is, you start to think about how to make more money, you clear your finances, you save money but then it all gets too overwhelming and you don’t know where to put it. Now your manifestation may not be as clear as you want it to be but if you focus on what you want and visualize what you want your manifestations will manifest.

positive manifestationWhat are the steps to manifesting these kinds of things?

· Acknowledge what you have

The first step is to say what you have. How happy are you with your life now and what steps do you need to take to change it?

If you are miserable and only get paid when things are going well, then what will you want? Would you want to change jobs? Are your relationships wrecking your life? Acknowledge all the things you need to change.

· Create a vision

Once you have acknowledged your attributes, take a bit of time to slay the demons that seem to do their best to destroy that vision.

To create a vision you need a large, all encompassing picture.

Create a smart as possible vision for your future.

What has success for you?

Is it health, physical, spiritual, psychological or emotional goals?

Once you have your big picture in mind, the next step is to get specific about the action steps you need to take to get what you want.

For example, if you want to lose weight, the action steps would be more specific than, look twenty pounds lighter.

Having your vision in mind, you can draw simple inferences on what you need to do to lose a few pounds. If you have proven to yourself that you are capable of losing weight and you know the action steps for losing weight, simply make the steps with the picture in your mind.

· Acknowledge completely by feeling what changes

After you have included the things you need to take in your action steps, the next step is acknowledging what you must do to complete your actions.

If you want to save more money then your action steps would be more general.

If you want to save more money you need to build a savings plan.

This is because you have not scheduled yourself to take the action steps so when they come to be, you have the perfect adjustments to move you into the path you have selected.

· Visualize your vision

After you keep your lines of sight in your vision, it is time to actually visualize your goals. If you want to achieve a new career, picture yourself in that career.

The visualization must be with emotion so your vision is much more powerful than just saying you want something.

Sit down and take some time to get in touch with what it is you would like to achieve.

See yourself as having achieved your goal. Feel it. Make yourself feel it.

With your visualization you are helping to manifest it, but the key is you must be able to feel it as you receive it now.