7 Ways for How to Block Things in Your Mind

Blocking things that pop up inside your mind can be quite challenging. Sometimes these things that are on your mind can completely stop you from even functioning. Your own thoughts can make you extremely miserable, a lot of people deal with thoughts that make them feel less than themselves.

Everybody at some point in their life has experienced these bad thoughts and a lot of people believe that nothing could change the way they think and there is nothing that they can do to block these thoughts from surfacing in their mind. Planning for these thoughts to happen could help, having a strategy could prove to be quite useful in the event that you have a bad thought you just can’t seem to shake.

How to Block Things in Your Mind

bad thoughtsIgnore the Thought – Some people choose to just try to block the bad thoughts by ignoring them completely. This method might not work so much for others though because sometimes you just can’t ignore your thoughts.

Replace the Thought With a Positive One – Taking the negative thought you are having and replacing it with a positive thought could be helpful to you.

Distract Yourself – Distracting yourself by watching a funny movie, or doing an activity that is fun to you might help block the bad things going on in your mind.

Talking to Someone You Trust – Sometimes letting the thoughts out by talking them over with someone close to you that you trust can help release these thoughts from your mind.

Write the Thoughts Down – Keeping a journal of your thoughts can help release the thoughts just as much as talking to someone you trust would. Throwing away a piece of paper that has your negative thoughts written in it could help you release the thoughts. You could even consider burning the piece of paper as if you were destroying the thoughts.

Remember – Reflecting on all of the times you weren’t what your negative thought is telling you that you are could also prove quite effective.

Mindfulness Exercises – Meditation is big in today’s world, because it is so helpful. It could also be helpful for tamping down those bad thoughts from coming into your mind.

Sometimes we really need to think about the bad things that happen or the bad actions and choices we have made. Sometimes it is necessary to have thoughts like this because it helps us reflect as well as helping us understand exactly how we feel and even helps us learn to make better choices and grow into a better person.

The bad thoughts that come to surface in your mind repeatedly don’t need to be there though, many people make the mistake and think that since they are constantly having the thoughts it is because they need to have the thoughts. It is ok and normal if you cannot block the thought completely, no thought can be entirely blocked from your mind. Also it is important to remember that what works for someone might not work for someone else, find what helps you.

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