How to Make Your Dreams Come True

Intuition is the fastest way to make your dreams come true.

But what is the secret of intuition, really?

Most people think that intuition is some kind of psychic power, or other weird string of words and pictures “patting you on the shoulder”, telling you exactly what to do with your life so that you can get what you want.

A lot of emotions when dealing with practical day-to-day issues aren’t rational at all. When we start doing some really serious exploring, we find out that intuition is simply how our body “knows” what to take and what to feed it.

dreams come trueFor example, right now, I was vacuuming the floor, turning on the vacuum, and my husband, who happens to be a scientist said…

“If I don’t vacuum the floor, the moths will come… we’ll have to be vigilant.”

So one day, just like a moths were about ready to fly into the kitchen, a strong vacuum makes a space out of no space. When the vacuum is going, the moth is gone. The connection between vacuum and moth was clear.

Or, if it’s a financial situation, you may feel you got a good tip, but you can’t decide where to go with it until you experience exactly where you got it from, so you call in the bookkeeper for counsel.

So here is an example, or a real experience: I had a conversation with a friend and he mentioned he knew a financial advisor who had an amazing intuition about saving money. So I made an appointment with the financial advisor and was in meetings inside three hours of the appointment.

My relaxed attitude cultivated a window of opportunity for the information. I was able to get real answers before my inner chatter was shut down. I made decisions quickly. I made numbers available. I contacted my business partner quickly in order not to panic and start over-analyzing the situation, but it turned out that all I needed from that person was the name of the financial advisor he was referring me too as he knew the individual inside and out.

My intuition led me to find some numbers that were willing and open to doing something specific at that very moment and it led me to make a blind date with the advisor.

Once I had made some progress with the details, I would make a new appointment with the financial advisor and check in with him. It always took about 10 business days for him to send over actionable ideas, instructions, or direction for consideration. He’d send over an e-mail to look at. Some bills would be paid automatically. Some would require certain contact with your business partner. Money talks. If you don’t have a profession or a certain expertise that can create and launch a new product or service for me, I had a meeting with you via the phone, or on the web to see if there’s a match.

Small business coaches can be very professional and clear, or they can have a “surprising” mishap as some executives have.

I was going to work with a national sales manager for an international company in Manhattan, and he said…

“Did you see a newsletter that came in today?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Did it have your name and address?”


“Did it seem to send you an individual with your name?”

I said, “No.”

“Well, you’re sort of into that, aren’t you?”

“I guess.”

“Do you have enough information about that information to react more positively?”


“Well, there’s something you could respond to; let me know if that’s okay?”

I told the man I’d been noticing his name popping up in a lot of places and couldn’t quite figure out why and that I was not giving him the information.

“Own a business?” he said. “You are a small business owner, not a small business!” One of the Waitress directors approached him and she said, “You should know your name!”

“That’s nice of you to mention it, but I told you I couldn’t come of that information very easily and didn’t want to make any waves.”

One of the waitresses suggested that she would bring her manager in on a few questions.

I thought about the situation and remembered something my Putnam training helped me with.I thought, “I want the outside view. I want to see this person’s expression.”

“Does she feel comfortable with me sitting down with her?”

“I always do here.”

“OK. Well, you’re on. Make sure you’re ready for the next week.”

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