When It Comes To Increasing Your Willpower, Don’t Be A Pushover

boost willpower

Being a pushover doesn’t always deliver what it promises, despite how easy it may seem at the time.

At first, it appears to be the simplest option.

However, it doesn’t take long before others begin to treat you worse and worse as if this is your normal state.

To be kind is one thing; being a doormat is quite another. I know you want to be kind (and I hope you do!).

A few tips for boosting your self-confidence and preventing yourself from becoming a pushover.

boost willpowerSay no every now and then.


The odds are that you’ve become so accustomed to agreeing to anything and everything that this seems inconceivable.

However, it’s actually quite simple.

This is especially true if you begin by saying no to petty requests.

Using this two-letter word even occasionally can be liberating, as you’ll find out when you do.

Do not budge from your position

The chances are good that you’ve agreed to do something in the past despite knowing it wasn’t the best choice.

For the sake of harmony.

If you want to stop being a doormat for everyone you meet, you need to stand up for yourself and keep your head up.

To be honest, it’s not that difficult.

In the end, you’re right and the other person is wrong.

You only need to have the courage to say what you’re thinking.

Be tenacious in your pursuit of your goal.

In the same way that saying no is easier if you start with something small, this is also the case.
Avoid igniting a new global conflict by not doing so.

So decide when you’re going to take a stand.

Even if you’re not perfect, you can still be kind.

The nicest thing you can do is to be a pushover, it seems.

In your mind, you worry that if you don’t allow others to walk over you, they will see you as a mean person.

You’ll gain more respect from others if you use your will power instead of being a pushover after following this advice.

Are the best teachers the ones who allow their students to go wild during class?

Or were they in charge all along?

I have a feeling that you already know the answer to the second question.

So you need to put it into practise in your daily life.

Being a pushover has a much worse reputation than being firm but fair.

Avoid the most aggressive people if possible.

Some people will not change with you because they will not accept a no for an answer.

Avoid them if you can.

An approach that avoids confrontation can be very effective.

Of course, it’s not as simple if they’re constantly in your sphere of influence at work.

But if that’s the case, talk to your boss or HR to see if there’s anything that can be done.

A worse-case scenario is to begin looking for work to get away from them. Starting over with a new identity that’s less weak willed can be the fastest way to get ahead and requires less willpower.

You can get more help to boost your willpower here.