Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone With These Fun Ideas

1. Take a burlesque or tango class: in both your mind and body, you’ll be challenged.

2. Strive to improve your language skills by taking a class.

comfort zone3. Physically challenge yourself: become a kickboxing instructor (eek!); prepare for a marathon or other major event; start rock climbing – indoor walls work if you haven’t got real rocks close by – and it’s a great skill to learn.

4 .Participate in a competition, whether it be in dance, math, sports or anything online.

5 Practice public speaking:

Volunteer to give a speech, read a poem, or participate in a public speaking event in your area, or find a way to do so.

6 .Face a fear you’ve had.

Regardless of what it is, take it on head-on and conquer it.

7. Take an art class that teaches a technique you’ve never attempted before.

8. Participate in a theatrical production as a cast member or crew member.

9. Enjoy the outdoors: take a stroll in a park or the countryside; learn to ski (dry slopes are great for beginners); go to the beach or a nearby river; take pictures of the natural world.

10 Try a new recipe or cook something unusual. Maybe video it and start your vlogging career.

11. Do something embarrassing. One day, dress up in a way that’s out of the ordinary; do some stand-up comedy; Karaoke night is the perfect opportunity to let your inner singer loose.

12 If you are used to only going out in a group, choose a night to go out on your own – it can be a great way to relax. And switch genre: instead of going to a new-age dance club, go to a country music club.

13. Taking an improv class is a great way to learn how to respond quickly to life’s unexpected twists and turns.

14.Change your personal time zones.

If you’re an early riser, take advantage of the things that are available late at night by rearranging your schedule.

If you’re more of a morning person, try going to bed earlier and waking up with the sun.

Eat breakfast at night, take a shower in the middle of the day, and so on.

15. If you’re looking for inspiration, join a conference or meet like-minded people.

16 Make plans with a friend for a night or weekend away – if you’re a control freak, let them do the planning. Make it clear to them that you don’t want to know anything about what they’re doing before they do it.

17 Put something you’ve made up for sale, even if you don’t think it’s good.

18. Attend a burner party. Of course, there are the more well-known events like Burning Man and Midburn, but you can also go to smaller ones like Alchemy and AfrikaBurn.

19. Hire a professional photographer to take pictures of you.

20.  Do something you’ve always wanted to do but were too afraid to do it. Spend an overnight in a known haunted location; take up skydiving; visit a nude beach; dye your hair in that wild style you’ve always admired.