What If You’re Scared About the Future of the World?

We live in a world of uncertainty. This means that we cannot predict every outcome, everything that will happen to us. Think about the weather, about your boss, even about viruses. To care about our world is a good thing. But to constantly think about it is overwhelming. In order to balance our lives, we should never overthink anything. We should allow the right time for the right tasks.

Being scared about the future of the world is totally natural, but thinking too much about it is depressing. Don’t worry, there are still tips to feel better about the world. After reading this article, you will not be as afraid as before, you will not think about climate change as an irremediable catastrophe.

What to do to stop being scared about the future of the world?

Here are five tips to make you change your mind about this subject.

Recognize what is outside your circle of control

future of the worldThe notion of the circle of control is the most important one of this topic. Let’s explain it. There are things you can control: what you eat for example. But there are others that you cannot control. Think about the climate. Think about your boss. The first step to stop being scared about the future of the world is to recognize what is outside your circle of control and stop caring about it. Simply list on a piece of paper the things that you do not control.

Recognize what is inside your circle of control

On another paper, now list what you do control. First, you may think that you do not control a lot. But, don’t worry, you do! You control what you eat, what you do, how much you sleep, and so on… For sleep, you may think that you do not control how much you sleep, and you are right, it is a little bit ambiguous. If you have sleeping issues, which are out of your circle of control, you do not directly control it. But you do control the time you go to bed. The most important is that you realize that you control all your decision.

How to deal with ambiguous notions?

You may also have trouble with some notions. For example, illness. Do you control illness? Well, no, you do not control the illness itself, but you do control how you prepare for it. So you can list that you control the way you dress up to go outside.

Do not overprepare for every situation

Overthinking and overpreparing favorize anxiousness and fear. If you tend to think about every situation at any moment, your brain will have too much to carry with. He will not be handle everything at the same time. The situations he cannot handle will create stress. This stress will lead to anxiety. This is the reason you should only choose the best situations and prepare for them.

Do prepare for some situations

If you do not prepare for anything and something bad happens, you will be scared too! This means that you should prepare for the situations which you have control. For instance, you can buy a little more food if the media says there will be food supply issues.


As we said in the beginning, we live in a world of uncertainty. The problem is that, for humans, uncertainty leads to anxiety. If something happens to us that we cannot control, we will probably get mad at it. For example, you just went outside for jogging and it starts raining poorly. Believe me, you will get mad. You will get even madder if you checked a climate app before going out and that the app said it would be sunny. If you are not a runner, let’s have another example. Your boss just fired but you felt that you did not do anything wrong. You will get mad. The problem is that the next time, you will fear your boss.

Basically, uncertain events lead to anger and anger leads to anxiety. To avoid being anxious, you should follow all the tips that we explained before. Overall, you should control your emotions and not let the emotions control you. To improve your relationship with emotions, try relaxation or meditation.