How Do You Manifest Something Fast?

Manifesting something in your life can be a game-changer that brings you closer to your dreams. There are many ways to make the universe conspire in our favor and take advantage of its limitless power. Sky is the limit when the stars are your allies and this is exactly how to speed up the manifestation process and achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

What is a manifestation?

A manifestation is the outbreak of a desire, a thought or an idea into real life. It is the power of making things come true by attracting them with your thoughts and acting upon your desires. It is a very potent force that some people channel through activities such as meditation or focusing strongly on an image of the close future and seeing themselves exactly as they want to be in that time.manifesting your desires

This manifestation of a desire can be achieved in many ways; there are some who do it consciously and others who go through the unconscious path. It is the basis of this belief that the more we envision that reality, the more chances we have of attracting it. This is based on the theory of energy as vibrations as the main force in the universe. Because of these vibrations that are the energy in everything tangible and intangible, it is possible to attract or repel certain things or events by vibrating in a similar frequency. Based on this belief and theory, the more you vibrate towards what you want to achieve or want in your life, the more chances you have to attract it.

How can a manifestation affect my life?

These manifestations are brought to reality through attracting the correct vibrations. Being in the same frequency often take a lot of time because the universe needs to turn and shift in order to make it happen for you. If what you are looking to attract is a major change that will shake the very foundations of your life, then this manifestation will have a huge impact in your life.

Let´s make it an example so it is a little clearer and you don´t think it´s a lot of mumbo-jumbo on my side. Let´s say you really want to get that promotion in your job. You dream day and night with getting that job once your boss is promoted too. Some of the things that should happen are:

  • You start paying more attention – You pay more attention to the tasks you think you are going to have to perform and hence you learn them before-hand.
  • You start dressing for it – You want it so bad that you envision yourself in it and start dressing as if you already had it.
  • You tell everyone you are going after it – You disseminate the message among peers and colleagues that you desire that position, that you think you are the right person for it and that you feel it very close.
  •  You start living it – With the combination of all of the above you are tuned in with the frequency of your dream job and start vibrating like it. Vibration is energy and energy attracts what you want.

If no strange events get in your way, you will very likely be able to get that job because you attracted it to you. The manifestation of it is due to the likeness in the vibrations. You end up having the necessary energy to occupy that position before sitting in that chair and it will be evident to everyone around you too.

How does it relate with the law of attraction?

attract money fastIn case you are not familiar with the law of attraction, it is a universal rule that has power over all of the inhabitants of the cosmos. According to specialists in the matter, this law can be traced a long way back in most major religions and cultures in the world. For example, many people relate the law of attraction to what is commonly known as Karma. This Buddhist, Asian concept has been widely spread throughout this continent and in recent centuries around the world too.

There is another version that you might have heard about that is the common belief that the world will give you back what you put in. In the case that you emanate anger, fear and bad vibes, you shall get that back the same from the world and life. On the other hand, if you are someone who is full of light and positive energies, that is what you will get back from life.

This principle of manifestation is deeply rooted in this belief and the more you give to life, the more life will give to you. Going back to the example, the more you vibrate with your energy in tune with what you want in life, the more likely it will manifest in front of you.

This is how to do it fast

These manifestations can really take some time in many cases. We, humans are not really the most patient species on the face of the Earth. Bear in mind that if you push too hard, your intentions dye of a dark color and instead of being expectant over what is going to happen you become anxious and irritable. If this happens you´ll very likely achieve the opposite effect than the one you want to.

Let´s go back to the example once again and say that your boss is not going anywhere and you´re really feeling the momentum of your next position but it is not materializing fast enough. How do we do to make the world work in our benefit and our desires materialize, manifest in front of us as if it was magic? We are going to go through a set of steps that will help you do it effortlessly.

I don´t want to delay this anymore, so let´s go straight to the five steps to help your desires manifest faster than ever.

Step 1 – Choose (wisely) what you want to manifest

Whatever it is that you want to manifest following this procedure, make sure that it is physically and logically possible in the short term. For example, going back to the job and your boss, you can break this huge movement into little steps and use these five steps to make each happen. You might think of having a meeting with your boss and explaining to him your desire of occupying growing in the company and eventually occupying his position.

Now, if you are going to have that meeting, you have to be sure of what you want to say to him or her, so make sure you really want that to happen so soon. This first step is crucial in this manifestation exercise. You have to be completely positive and sure that you really want that to manifest. In order to complete this first step, please take a piece of paper and write in it the following five statements:

  • I will benefit from this because…
  • I will have a positive impact on others with this because…
  • When I think about this being done I feel…
  • My brain says I should do it because…
  • My heart says I should do it because…

Once you have the statements down on paper, it is time to continue the affirmation with whatever you feel is suitable. Do it, take fifteen minutes to do something else, take your attention elsewhere and then go back to them; do they still make sense to you? If the answer is yes and you feel completely comfortable with it happening, then we can move on to the second step of the process.

Step 2 – Getting rid of obstacles

overcome obstaclesGrab your pen and your paper again and write down all the obstacles you feel stand between you and your goal. Write them down as an exercise, don´t think about them yet, just write them down one after the other like a brainstorming session. Once you have written down all the ones you think are holding you back from obtaining what you want, add these:

  • Limiting mindsets (I can´t because)
  • Negative beliefs (It won´t happen because)
  • Toxic people in between (It won´t happen because they)
  • The timing (it is correct or incorrect)

After all of those add this one

  • Am I in the right path?

Negative beliefs and limiting mindsets have to do with what you think about your emotional moment and own skills when it comes to the change. Going back to the example, are you ready to emotionally face your boss and be confident that he or she will listen to you and believe that you are the person for the job? If you are not in the right mindset, you can try meditating or some stress-relief techniques. The next item is about the people that act as an anchor for your dream or, expressed within the theory, vibrate in a frequency that is opposite to what you want to achieve and hold you back. Finally, the last two have to do with how long you think this will take to manifest (from 24 hours to two weeks) and if you are in the right track to make it happen.

Step 3 – Visualization of the goal

Are you familiar with the concept of “the mind´s eye”? The mind´s eye is the part of the brain that is capable of creating a complete image that works as a scenario to project the self as a character over it. In other words, with the mind´s eye you can generate an image that feels as real as a proper memory. You can get the true feeling of what it would feel like to be in that exact scenario and react the same way you would if it was real.

To do this exercise you don´t need any pen and paper, but you need to block a solid half an hour of time for yourself and make it as real as you can. The more multi-sensorial that you can make the experience, the closer you´ll be from it. Don´t limit to the main events, think about the weather, the way you are dressed, what is going on outside and inside, etc…

If we go back to the same example as before and put you in that meeting with your boss, think exactly how you would feel if you were having that conversation with him or her. Imagine your sweaty palms, his or her expression, the climate outside and every little detail you can. Then, envision the positive result you want from it, channel your positive energy to the result. Finally, feel the sense of triumph from a positive meeting that can open the door to change your future.

Step 4 – Take action

All the aforementioned steps are good to raise your vibrations and make them match what you want for yourself. They are also good to erase any limiting beliefs you might have and allow you to believe in yourself enough to think you deserve what you dream of.

In this step, you shall do something way simpler than in the rest of the steps which is to listen to your own gut and wait for the other steps to work on the golden chance. You will notice that you will have an extra push, a little more confidence than usual and also a focused mind on your goal. You will very likely start recognizing subtleties that would otherwise go away unnoticed. You might even feel the determination to take action on one of these chances as if it was commanded to you from somewhere else. That might just be the universe´s energy you´ve been summoning and that is working for you at that specific time.

In this fourth step all you need to do is to listen to the voice of the universe, remain alert and jump on the opportunities to make the most out of them. If you give all that energy to the universe, it will come back in the shape of a golden opportunity for you to take advantage of; make sure you are ready for it.

Step 5 – Gratitude, appreciation and sharing

Now that you have come all this way to actually achieving that step towards your goal or the goal itself, it is time to be grateful for what the universe has helped you achieve. A great way of doing it is to go back on your own footsteps and understand what were your limitations, what did you do to overcome them and how you can shape the world around you by strengthening your bond with the universe.

be gratefulGoing back to the example: imagine that triumphant walk from your boss´s office to yours just enjoying the taste of being one step closer to your goal. Well, it is very easy to forget about the path that took you there if you don´t focus on being grateful and sharing your good fortune and knowledge with the rest.

Make sure you fully grasp the participation of the law of attraction and the manifestation process in the path to achieving your goal and invest some quality time in making that bond between your vibrations and those of what you want stronger. If you manage to master this process, all upcoming events that require you to repeat these five steps will be easier and have a stronger result.

Why is it not working for me?

If the principle of manifestation is not working for you, you have to review the following steps:

  • Are your emotions biased? – This question is crucial and will take you back to the statements you wrote down in step 2. Make sure you are not anxious, nervous, too competitive, angry or have a wrong motif like revenge or vengeance. The universe will work in your favor as long as you also want something that is best for others as well.
  • Are you ready to take the leap? – This is another crucial question to ask yourself because timing is always a major thing to bear in mind when you are asking the universe for things to happen. There is a chance that you need to polish your skills or grow emotionally before you can take advantage of a certain opportunity. Be very humble and go through steps 1 and 2 more than once if it´s necessary.
  • Are there third parties holding you back? – This is the final item to check when it comes to the failure of the law of attraction and the principle of manifestation because sometimes things not only depend on you. If there are people holding you back, can you do something to solve it? If the answer is yes solve it and go for it again.


The law of attraction applies to the entire world regardless of geographical position, religion or any other detail. If you can master this process and make that bond with the universe stronger, chances are you´ll be on your way to your dreams faster than you ever thought possible.