How to Stop Crying For No Reason

Crying is a natural function of the human organism. But some people cry for no reason or do it very often. Most psychologists believe that crying is good for health as it makes us feel better. But sometimes tears are inappropriate. Hysteria with long-running depression is not considered normal. And what about every mere emotion that ends up with tears? It’s time to find out if it’s normal and get some tips, how to stop crying for no reason.

Why do we cry too much?

The reasons for crying can be different:

a sad event in life, such as the illness or death of relatives or friends;disease (when our health deteriorates, we become sensitive and vulnerable);depression or fatigue;trouble at work or in your personal life;strong emotions after tearjerker movies or touching new;happiness (happy events often bring us to tears, that’s why we cry so often at weddings or the birth of a child).

If you are crying for no reason, it may be a symptom of a psychological problem. In this case, it is recommended to see a doctor. Crying may be also a bad habit. Tears are a great woman’s weapon that helps to get what they want from parents, teachers, bosses or guys. But when it’s become a habit it’s hard to quit.

13 effective methods to stop crying

stop cryingThere are some surprisingly effective methods that help to handle the situation and stop crying for no reason:

1. Frequent blinking

As soon as you feel that the tears are coming, start blinking frequently. The frequency of movements will spread the tears over the eye surface, and the new ones will not appear.

2. Nose pinching

The tear ducts pass at the base of the nose. It is enough to squeeze them so that the tears do not flow.

3. Deep breathing

Close your eyes and do breathing exercises: take ten deep, measured breaths. If it doesn’t help, repeat the exercise.

4. Washing with cold water

Of course, this method cannot be applied if you are in a public place with makeup on. But if you are at home, just wash your face with cold water. You will feel better immediately.

5. Laughter

Positive emotions are the best way to get rid of sadness.

6. Writing down emotions

Take a piece of paper and a pen and describe everything that hurts you. Read it and burn the paper.

7. Do some exercises

The simplest exercises will improve blood circulation and stop the flow of tears. You can just turn on music and dance. If you are in public and can’t do exercises, just twist your neck in different directions and massage your fingers.

8. Remembering something funny

Remember the happiest moments of your life. It is better to have ready a funny event from the life that you can get out of the memory to stop crying. When it stops working, find a new case that amuses you.

9. Postpone negative emotions

If something bad happens, don’t dwell on it. Forbid yourself to think about the tragedy today. Distract yourself with work. Tomorrow will be a new day, and you will be able to look at the situation differently.

10. Look for something positive

Did your boyfriend leave you? Great, so you are open to new relationships.

11. Relaxation or meditation

You can try to lie down and relax, think about something different. Use meditation techniques or mindfulness. You can also try and ask yourself a question that distracts you from the problem. For example: did I turn off the iron?

12. Conversation

Have a heart-to-heart conversation with someone (with a psychologist or just a friend who can listen). Throwing out emotions in a conversation is a fairly effective way to calm down and deal with the stress.

13. Feel free to cry

If you can no longer hold back your tears, it is recommended to let the emotions out. Cry out, break a plate, or just tell someone everything about your problems.

You can stop crying if you find the real reason for your tears and the solution. If you are tired or depressed, go on holiday. If you have non-manageable problems at work, have an interview for another position. Find a solution and you won’t have a reason for crying so often.