How Long Should I Nap to Wake Up Refreshed?

How long must I take a nap to wake up refreshed? That is one question that most people ask everywhere. Let’s look at a 10-minute nap in depth. A 10-minute nap is a topic frequently discussed in the workplace. Some companies have discovered the benefits and have even given employees a comfortable corner in the company where they can take a 10-minute nap whenever they feel a little energized and refreshed.

If you work or even if you’re a type of person at home, at noon, your body needs some extra energy. Most of us mistake this for a dose of caffeine and go to the kitchen or grocery store for a cup of espresso. Well, caffeine is an excellent energy booster to help us stay awake all day. However, as many of us already know, the higher the level of caffeine in our bodies, the longer-term health complications will increase. That is why a 10-minute power nap is so much more powerful than your caffeine intake to maintain your power level throughout the day.

The benefits of a 10-minute power nap are as follows:

power napFirst, you feel refreshed as soon as you wake up from a nap. Duration is significant here. Power naps are supposed to be short and precise. A power nap that lasts for more than 30 minutes or less than 5 minutes can make you more crabby and take a nap when you wake up.

Second, your mind is more alert after a nap. That, in turn, helps you focus on the task and also strengthens your ability to make better decisions. In other words, your cognitive thinking ability dramatically increases when you take that nap.

Third, you will feel that your mood is too high. That helps you avoid stress and keeps you friendly and happy throughout the day.

Fourth, your body’s hormones are balanced. Since your hormones are in sync, your stress level is low, and since it doesn’t convert to caffeine to boost your power, it reduces your risk of heart disease.

Tips for getting the best 10-minute nap and waking up refreshed

Do a puzzle

Choose a puzzle of at least 500 pieces. Don’t worry about putting the whole problem together. Don’t stress; the idea is to relax. Once you feel like taking a nap, you should turn off the lights and jump into bed right away.

Drink a cup of warm milk

Milk contains tryptophan acid that stimulates take a nap and helps the body make serotonin and melanin, which are essential chemicals that control your take nap patterns. Lack of tryptophan will cause you to be deficient in these two chemicals, which in turn can lead to less restful take a nap. This is the best way to get a ten-minute power nap.

Stop anything negative

If you’re one of those people who apply their daily stress to take a nap with them, stop it! You will never enjoy any take a rest by allowing your mind to focus on external disturbances. Concentrate on it as long as you can. If your mind wanders, refocus. Do it every time you are planning to have a power nap. Train your mind to visualize, and it will not disturb your take a nap, which deprives you of thoughts.

Watch horror movies

You shouldn’t watch a movie before a nap. Choosing this habit will prepare your body and mind to take a nap. You will receive a nap fast and wake up fresh. As a footnote do not read the newspaper before a nap, as this may help you wake up rather than help, you have a power nap.

Take a nap naked

First of all, most people don’t take a rest well when they’re hot and getting naked is a great way of letting body refresh.

Have sex if you are together at home

This is the best way to get a 10 minutes power nap and wake up refreshed. Can you think of a better natural remedy for insomnia? In general, physical activity should be avoided, as some form of exercise at bedtime, since it leaves the body and mind stimulated.


In conclusion, a power nap is a must for your body. It is recommended that you need to rest your body from time to time to help you regain momentum. Your body is not designed to work tirelessly. Signs of fatigue and a higher level of stress try to tell you this. Give yourself the rest you need most when you want it and start living a calmer life by trying this fantastic 10-minute nap.