What Can You Put on a Vision Board?

A vision board is where you place a collage of pictures and words, to find inspiration for your dreams and goals. You can do-it-yourself or buy from a supplier. You can put some decorations, any way you want it. Your creativity knows no limits.

You can call it your dream board and put up sticky notes of your short term and long term goals. You can place cut-out from magazines of the places you want to visit — even just a note to self of your everyday mantra. Strategically place your vision board, somewhere you can glance easily. It can be on your bedside table, vanity mirror, or at the house entrance.

vision boardA vision board helps remind you every day to keep hustling to be a step closer to our goals. You will find inspiration and strength every time you see your dream board. The Law of Attraction states that you can attract what you focus on. So when you get reminded every day on the goals you must concentrate on, claim it, and you will achieve it.

Here are the 3 Things to put on a Vision Board to empower you every day.

1. List your goals for the year

Know what your goals are and focus on them. Sit down, sip your coffee, and list down the goals you want to achieve for the year. Make sure these goals are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely.

Do not dream about a trip to the International Space Station next month because you know it’s impossible unless you work for NASA.

2. Place pictures

You can decorate your board with picture cut-outs, or a Polaroid photo. You can ask for magazines from friends and family who no longer use it. Or maybe pick up from a local thrift store. Browse the magazine and look for inspiration.

If you want to visit Paris this year, place a picture of the Eiffel Tower on your vision board. This will inspire you to save money and keep on hustling.

3. Write your Everyday Mantra

attract good thingsYour everyday mantra is words of inspiration or affirmation to remind you all the time. If you want to lose weight this year, you can put up a sticky note that says, “I am stronger than my excuses.” This will inspire you to exercise regularly and eat healthily.

If you are in a tough time in your life, remind yourself, “This too shall pass.” You can put up different words of inspiration. Make sure not to put up a lot that you won’t be able to read all of them. 2-4 sticky notes are enough, keep it simple and easy to read.

It is advised to avoid placing utility bills or a grocery shopping list on your vision board. Seeing these things will cause anxiety, and you won’t be able to concentrate on visualizing your goals.

Take a minute from your busy day and contemplate what you have placed on your vision board. Internalize it, and imagine yourself reaching the goals. See yourself living in the future you have designed. The power of your mind attracts what you yearn. DREAM IT, CLAIM IT, and ENJOY IT!