How to Find Something You Lost in Your Room

It’s Monday morning and you are getting ready for work. There is still time and you aren’t in a rush. And then, it happens. Your eyes glance towards the usual place, but the car keys have vanished into thin air. After a small breakdown, you start your hunt through the room. We all experienced this situation at least once in our lifetime. So, how to find the thing you need fast?

Here are a few tips on how to find something you lost in your room:

Stay calm

lost keysSearching for something can be a stressful business, but if you give in to anger or panic your chances of finding it will plummet. Before you look, you have to make sure that you are confident and calm. Taking a few moments to collect your thoughts can be a big help.

Retrace your steps

Now that you have calmed down, you should try to think of the last time you saw or used the item. Check the locations where you think you left it and try to rewind your actions in your head. Remembering what you were feeling or thinking the last time you had the thing with you could also help.

Do a systematic search of your room

If you still can’t remember what could have happened with the item, it’s time to do a systematic search of your room. First, you should check the places where the object is usually kept. Don’t keep checking the same spot once you have thoroughly searched the tidy areas. If your object isn’t there, you will very likely find it in the messier parts of the room.

Look for a minor shift in the item’s location

If you clearly remember where you left the object, but still can’t find it, there’s a possibility of the item being slightly moved. For example, the tool that was in the drawer could have fallen behind the drawer. A pen that was on the table could have fallen under the furniture. The item should be near the place it was originally left in.

Beware of the camouflage effect

Additionally, you should be wary of the camouflage effect. The object you are looking for could be sitting right where you think you left it, but due to tiredness or lack of attention, you simply missed it. There is also a possibility that something was put over the item. If there are newspapers placed on the car keys, they would be hidden from your sight.

Check if someone else took it

You did all you could and still can’t find the thing? Maybe it’s time to consider the possibility that someone else has done something with your gadget. Someone may have borrowed it or shifted it to some other place without your knowledge. People you live with are, of course, the prime suspects. Go around the house and ask them if they know what happened. You will likely gather some useful information, or they could have the item on them and return it.