Gratitude Journal Prompts – Some Ideas for When Your Mind Goes Blank!

Gratitude is the shortcut to a happier life and the easiest way to live a happier and more fulfilling life is to practice it every day.

Focusing daily, just a few minutes, on what you already have and what already makes you happy, will bring you huge benefits.

The good news is that gratitude can be learned and become your most useful habit.

Why would you practice gratitude?

I am gratefulEnergy flows where our attention goes. By practicing gratitude, you will attract more and more of what you focus on to your life, which is success, happiness, love… everything that already makes you fulfilled.Gratitude affects your mood and motivationGratitude will help you maintain your balance even in times when everything is not going as planned.Gratitude is the noblest skill you can master, give so little and gain so much.It creates a new more positive perspective

How to practice gratitude?

1. Take a thanks break

Take some time, a few minutes a day are enough to stop and look around. Ask yourself:

  • What can I be thankful for today?
  • Who are the people who are present in my life that I can be grateful for, and why?

If you can’t put out a few things or people every day – that’s fine. Just find one thing, situation, person… and that’s great, too. Don’t bother with the numbers, just take a few minutes to think about this and see how you will feel. Don’t repeat the same things too often. Instead, try expanding the framework in which you look for the people and things you are grateful for.

2. Look into yourself

Don’t just look around. This way, you will not only achieve a sense of gratitude but will also raise your level of self-esteem and confidence. Ask yourself:

What are the three things I can thank myself for?

The answer may be that you are a good parent, that you completed the project on the job on time, that you helped a friend…

Also, these can be things that are not conditionally related to something you have achieved, but also your sense of humor, your nobility, your ability to organize well…

3. Less is more

Don’t just focus on the big and obvious things. Think of the little things you can be thankful for. That plant is no particular plant, but the way it grows, with just a little water and sun and makes your space nicer, is something you can be thankful for. Ask yourself:

What are some of the little things I can be thankful for today?What is one thing I normally take for granted that I can be grateful for today? (electricity, hot water, car, healthy lunch…)

Gratitude is magic that’s proven to work!

Here are some more questions and gratitude journal prompts you can ask yourself that will help you become grateful:

  • What is the most important lesson you learned in childhood?
  • How is your life better today than it was a year ago?
  • Where are you happiest?Who can you count on whenever you need someone and why?
  • What is your favorite habit and why it is an important part of your routine?
  • List 5 qualities do you like about yourself.
  • What is the biggest accomplishment today?
  • What is something you’ve learned today that you’re thankful for?
  • Describe a family memory that you are most grateful for.Who made you smile today and why?