Using the Ho’oponopono Technique to Attract Money

The Ho’oponopono technique is powerful but disarmingly simple to use.

It’s even easier than the Sedona method (which gets you to ask three questions about any feeling you’re experiencing) because you don’t need to vocalise the feeling before you repeat the four phrases, you just need to get a feel for it being there.

ho'oponoponoThe four Ho’oponopono phrases are:

  • I’m sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • Thank you
  • I love you

And all you need to do is repeat them to yourself – you don’t even need to say them out loud.

As I said, disarmingly simple.

Which means a lot of people don’t give them as much importance as they deserve.

Just as an aside, lots of things in your life are disarmingly simple. Your phone has had hours of time spent on its design to make it as simple to use as possible, even if a new software update undoes that and forces you to re-learn how to use even the most basic functions but that’s more to do with software engineers and marketers getting bored than it is to do with usability.

You probably don’t know how your car or your computer work either.

So adding one more thing to the “don’t know how it works” list should be OK.

Let’s delve into those phrases a bit more:

I’m sorry

You can be sorry for anything you want to feel sorry for.

Whether it’s events that are in your control like being annoyed with someone or wasting time (yours or someone elses) or being addicted to food or something else.

Or it could be being sorry for events that aren’t in your control. Something that’s happened somewhere else in your town or the country or the world and that the news (if you still check the news) has decided is important enough to alert you about.

Or it could be being sorry for someone else – maybe they’re not as fortunate as you, maybe they’ve hit some bad luck, maybe they’ve lost a loved one.

If you’re trying to attract more money then the money can be the thing that you’re being sorry about – maybe a lack of money, maybe a feeling of guilt about the thought of having more money, maybe feeling envious of people with more money than you. Go with your first instinct – that’s usually the correct one.

You choose whatever it is you want to feel sorry for and then just say the words “I’m sorry”.

That’s it.

If they sound apologetic, so much the better but that’s by no means essential.

This phrase is often referred to as repentence and if you want to give it a label, that’s a good one to use.

Please forgive me

You’re not asking anyone specific to forgive you, you’re just asking for forgiveness.

If you find it easier, you could decide that it’s the universe or someone or something you believe in that you’re asking for forgiveness from. But that’s your choice – this technique works whether or not you assign the request to somewhere.

So if you’re trying to attract more money, wrap this into your thoughts when you’re saying “please forgive me” and let the feeling that you used when you said “I’m sorry” get used when you’re asking for forgiveness.

It helps a lot if you can feel the thing you’re asking for forgiveness for. The more emotion you can put into the phrase, the more powerful it becomes.

But if that’s not something you can do at the moment (a lot of beginners find that part difficult) then you can simply say the phrase “please forgive me”.

When I was first learning this technique I found the first two phrases a lot more difficult than I thought I should but I turned that round by using my worry about using Ho’oponopono into the reason for being sorry and asking for forgiveness for not using it “right”.

Thank you

This is another simple phrase – it’s being grateful, pure and simple.

if you want to use a longer phrase you could swap in “I am grateful” – some people find that easier to say than “thank you” and if you’re in that group, that’s fine. We all react differently to things.

Personally, I like to be in the habit of being grateful for anything and everything that manifests in my life. Whether that’s money, health, relationships or just being alive again today.

Saying thank you and being grateful is powerful in itself but gains even more power when it’s use with the other Ho’oponopono phrases.

I love you

For me, this is the fourth step in the process but other people like to use it as the first step (so they get off “on the right foot” so to speak).

Say it with as much power and meaning and force as you can.

What you’re loving is up to you – it could be the feeling you first identified (money, in abstract or material form) or it could be the air you’re breathing, the people you’re with, the fact that you’re alive, absolutely anything you choose to love.

Simple yet powerful

Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of the Ho’oponopono technique.

That’s one of the reasons it works so well – the phrases are easy to remember and easy to repeat.

And if you’d like to learn more about it, Dr Joe Vitale wrote a whole book about it called Zero Limits.

And he’s also recorded an entire live seminar that he conducted along with Dr Hew Len.

You can get a recording of this excellent seminar here – it will take your use of the Ho’oponopono technique to a whole new level.