How To Make A Vision Board For Manifestation

We all have dreams that we want to achieve in life. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to achieve their dreams. There could be many reasons for this. However, if you do it right and with determination, every single day will bring you closer to your dreams. A good strategy is to use vision boards. This article shares helpful tips on how to make a vision board for manifestation so that you can bring what you want into your life quicker and easier.

Understand The Process

vision boardBefore making a vision board, you’ll need to understand the process.

This involves asking yourself what you want to achieve.

You’ll also need to believe in your capabilities and allow the changes that come with pursuing dreams.

This could be the same as your main goals list or – more likely – it will be a subset of the most important things that you’re aiming to manifest.

Make a Vision Board

After identifying what you want to achieve, you can then proceed to visualize your dream on a vision board.

To do this, you’ll need to visualize youe new life after achieving your dreams. There are many ways in which you can make a vision board.

One good way is to use images from magazines or (more likely) that you’ve found on the web.

Put the things you want onto your vision board – I find it easiest to open up a new Word document and then copy & paste the images onto it. Sometimes I’ll use captions for the images, sometimes just a smal block of text.

Or you could use one of the many online systems to create yours – personally, I find those restrictive as I end up spending more time trying to get them to work than I spend creating the actual vision board.

Go with whatever format works best for you – don’t spend ages worrying about the process of creating a vision board.

And don’t worry if it’s not perfect – good enough is definitely good enough.

Break Down Your Goals

Some of the goals you have may take a lifetime to achieve. The long wait may result in loss of focus which will delay achieving those dreams further.

It may even mean you’ll never achieve those dreams.

To be inspired to keep fighting, to remain focused and have a sense of purpose, you should break down those goals into goals that can be achieved in a shorter time.

Every time you achieve a certain goal, you’ll be more motivated.

And celebrate the small “wins” in the overall process.

Stop Worrying About Your Current Situation

Your current or past circumstances could be your biggest hindrance to achieving goals in life.

You may be thinking that you don’t have what it takes to achieve.

Or maybe you tried before and failed.

Holding on to these thoughts won’t do you any good. In any case, they’ll make you lose focus and be less motivated.

So take the time to work on keeping any negative thoughts as far into the background as you can.

Be Content With What You Have

You should also be grateful for the things you have.

This will help you to have a half-full instead of half-empty mindset.

The fact that you want a luxurious house should not make you despise your current home – find some things in it to be grateful for and keep those in mind as you work towards your bigger goal.


It wouldn’t make any sense to have dreams that you can’t fight for.

Are you having trouble doing this?

Maybe a vision board will help you.

Using the tips shared above on how to make a vision board for manifestation, you’ll be on the right track in achieving your dreams.

And if you need more help with manifesting things into your life, check out this link and watch the free manifesting movie.