Stop Feeling Uncomfortable All the Time

You’ve probably heard that you should get out of your comfort zone. But why is that?

When we are talking about comfort zones, some people like to say stuff like: “You should get out of your comfort zone.” Other people don’t even know what we are talking about. We are also to answer some of the questions you might be having right now and make it easy for you so that you know what to do next and how to do it in the best way possible.

  1. Why You Shouldn’t Stay In Your Comfort Zone? (For Too Long)

feeling uncomfortableThere are a few problems when it comes to staying in your comfort zone for too long. Probably the main one is that you are not growing. In fact, you are probably un-growing (I know that’s not really a word).

Now that doesn’t mean that you should be feeling uncomfortable all the time, but what it does mean is that if you don’t do anything about it you are going to start feeling depressed. I can say that from personal experience. That’s what happened to me. And now I’m trying my best to fix the issue, even though, I don’t have all the answers and I don’t pretend that I have found them.

In my opinion, one of the most significant benefits of getting out of your comfort zone is the number of experiences you’ll have. There’s no denying that by getting out of your comfort zone you’ll create experiences that you otherwise wouldn’t. Experiences that you probably won’t forget for the rest of your life. And that’s the main point about dealing with that issue.

  1. Positive Peer Pressure?

A lot of the time, this is what happens during our school years. We face peer pressure and we are constantly forced to adapt and improve every aspect of our lives. But as we get older we neglect this and we oftentimes become too comfortable. We also don’t have that positive peer pressure anymore.

Well, you might be asking what is positive peer pressure? A lot of people when they think about peer pressure, they automatically think about the negative type of peer pressure. You choose what type of peer pressure you have around you. Let’s say you have a friend at school that’s very competitive and likes to get things done. That friend will inspire you to do the same thing and there will be healthy competition between you. That’s positive peer pressure.

That’s something that actually happened to me when I was at school. So, I had a friend who was just like that but where things went wrong was when I got tired of losing to him in everything. Then I slowly but surely started pushing that friend away from me.

By the way, this happens unnoticeably. You push them away but you don’t know you are doing it. Then I no longer had positive peer pressure in my life and I definitely started feeling a bit more depressed. So if you have a similar story or a friend like that, I would recommend that you take advantage of this type fo peer pressure because it will make work harder which of course will benefit you.

  1. What If?

There’s a particular question that stops us from doing the things that we really should be doing. And that question is: “What if?” The main problem with this question is that we tend to overthink everything. That means we can always come up with and excuse to not do something. It’s really easy to do that. It’s really easy to come up with an excuse. The solution to that problem would be to try not to overthink things. Definitely easier said than done and I’m not saying that you should not be thinking at all, but just don’t stress about every single little detail. Just go for it.

  1. Conclusion

Getting out of your comfort zone is mandatory for living a great and fulfilling life. That’s what life is about. It’s about creating new experiences that you are going to remember and be proud of your past self for doing. Very few people don’t have regrets about certain experiences during their lives. Those people have lived to the fullest. And we trying to be like them.