How to Stop Being Offended So Easily

When we interact with other people, mistakes and misunderstandings often occur, which can make us feel upset.

One of the most common problems Is feeling offended too often.

Worst of all, this happens for insignificant reasons.

That attitude negatively affects our relationships and we suffer unnecessarily. One day we got fed up with this situation and we want to reverse it, so we ask ourselves: how to stop being offended so easily? The first thing we have to understand is that no one wants to attack us, but that we have misunderstood the others. Below are some good ideas not to offend us so easily.

Have a sense of humor

stop being offendedOne of your problems could be that you take everything too seriously and you don’t leave room for laughter and good humor.

Don’t give too much importance to other people’s comments and understand that everyone speaks from their own perspective.

Try to have a more relaxed point of view, that will free you from negative emotions like anger and spite. Also being a person in a good mood will bring you closer to people, who will feel comfortable with you.

No other opinion will influence your life

People may have a good or bad concept about you, but keep in mind that no other opinion will have any real influence on your life.

The only important opinion is the one you have yourself about your life. Therefore you should never feel upset because you don’t like an opinion from others. Let others think what they want. Keep in mind that overestiming others’ opinion will make you lose track of what really matters.

Put emotions aside

When you hear comments about yourself that you don’t like, try to take a neutral attitude about it. Leave your emotions aside, as these sometimes distort reality. That will prevent you from dramatize a situation and suffer without any meaning.

Logically you should let emotions flow in your life, but also have control over them.

Never take mediocre people’s opinions seriously

Many times you get negative feedback from mediocre, malicious people and you make the mistake of taking them seriously. They just want your attention because you’re actually important to them. Don’t waste your time offending you by their attitude. What they think doesn’t matter.

Feeling offended doesn’t solve anything

You’re offended by an inconsequendent comment or attitude, and all you can do is feel worse and worse. This situation brings nothing good to your life, so you must free yourself from spite. Take away the importance of what you’ve been told and get on with your life as usual.

Remember that if you waste your time feeling offended by nonsense, you’ll detract from activities that do matter.

Watch carefully who has offended you

You’re offended by comments from malicious people and you suffer from it. If you look carefully at those who have offended you, you learn that this person is going through a delicate situation: he has psychiatric problems, suffered trauma recently, had a great economic loss, etc. How that person is frustrated projects his own frustration into others. That’s why it’s not worth getting mad at this person, it’s better to try to understand it, without justifying it.

Face your offender

If a person makes a negative comment to you, you should not be angry, but face your offender in a calm way. Ask him the reason for his comment and most likely it happens is that he doesn’t know what to tell you and is ashamed of his own behavior. Offenders are often cowards, and once you expose them in front of others, they prefer to retreat from the scene. Then you will be relieved to have faced your aggressor and no longer be offended by their grievances because you were able to neutralize their negativity.


You are very often offended by irrelevant comments that have no influence on your life. The first thing you need to know to reverse that situation is that no one wants to attack you and maybe you’re misinterpreting the facts.

The best thing you can do is focus on the opinions you have about yourself and ignore other people’s negative comments. Your priority is to feel good about yourself, that’s all that matters.