How Long Should I Listen to Subliminals a Day?

Over the past few years people have realized that they have the power to transform their reality and live the life they truly desire. T

here are various techniques to manifest our goals: visualizations, hypnosis, positive affirmations, etc.

Nowadays there is a tendency to listen to subliminal audios to transform our subconscious mind and in this way acquire a winning mentality capable of achieving everything.

A subliminal audio is an message that was made to go below the limits of normal perception. Many people around the world listen to subliminal audio and wonder: “HOW LONG SHOULD I LISTEN TO SUBLIMINALS A DAY?” In order to answer this question correctly, we need to know more about how subliminal audios work, so that we can make the most of their effectiveness.

1. Read the instructions carefully for your subliminal audio

listen to subliminalsMost subliminal audios contain instructions to maximize their effectiveness.

Some subliminals say specifically how long the audio should be played for the desired goals to be achieved. For example: “This subliminal audio should be played for one hour per day”.

Logically, you should follow the specific instructions, so that you can see the desired changes in your reality.

2. Choose the ideal subliminal audio for you

If you really don’t have time to listen to a subliminal audio, you should know that you can still manifest what you want.

As many people have little time for subliminal listening, there are some that were specially designed for listening once a day, every day. These types of subliminal audios are really powerful, containing many positive affirmations that are repeated hundreds of times. The power of these subliminals allows them to introduce themselves.

3. Follow your intuition

Each person is different and has the option to be guided by intuition when listening to subliminal audios.

In fact, there are some subliminal creators who tell users to listen to the audios for as long as they want. That’s why you can follow your intuition. Listen to the chosen subliminal for as long as you feel necessary, until you feel satified.

4. Determine how long you can listen to subliminal audio

If you have an important desire, you should choose subliminal audio for that goal and then determine exactly how long you can listen to it.

For example, if you only have 10 minutes a day to listen to subliminal audio, then choose one that lasts 10 minutes. There is no point in choosing a subliminal audio that takes too long, if you will not have the discipline to listen to it properly afterwards.

5. Make a commitment to yourself

If you really have a great goal in life you must commit to achieving it. If a subliminal audio is perfectly suited to the desire you want to achieve, you must listen to it for the appropriate amount of time, as indicated by the instructions.

If the instructions don’t say anything about it, listen to that subliminal for as long as you think you need to, every day. Your goal is always the most important, so you must strive to achieve it.

6. Try to listen every day

As you know, you should listen to a subliminal audio during the specific time that corresponds or during the time that you believe necessary.

Another equally important aspect is that you listen to the subliminal chosen every day, you should not rest even one day.

Remember that for a subliminal to work successfully your mind must eliminate negative paradigms and replace them with positive paradigms. That takes time and what will take you to the top of the success is your discipline. Therefore, listen to the subliminal audios every day until you manifest in your reality what you desire.

7. Believe

You must have discipline to listen to subliminal audios every day, for as long as it takes. But there is another fundamental aspect that you must take into account: to have faith in the success of the subliminal you chose.

Subliminal audios can change your negative mentality and transform you into a successful person who always gets what he wants. That is why you must listen to the subliminal and believe with a deep conviction that it will really work. Then you must continue with your life as always, knowing that you will manifest what you want.