How Does the Schumann Resonance Affect Humans?

The Schumann resonance is a magnetic cross-wave that is inside the earth, which vibrates as often as the brain waves of humans. The resonance of our planet Earth has been on average 7.8 HZ, but for 40 years the resonance increased to 12 HZ. That means that the 24 hours that last a day, now actually equals 16 hours.

In the face of such a change, people often wonder: how does the Schumann resonance affect humans? The first thing to know is that Schumann resonance influences our daily life more than we can imagine. That influence can help us evolve as people.

You feel time is accelerating

Schumann resonanceThe influence of the Schumann resonance is felt directly in the passage of time. As the speed of this resonance is increasing, human consciousness captures it immediately.

Our mind is influenced by the magnetic field of our planet and all the alterations that occur within the earth. In the course of daily life we feel that time passes too quickly and that changes occur too often. Let’s remember that the Schumann frequency vibrates in harmony with the alpha waves of our brain. Therefore, the changes we perceive are real, not imaginary.

Promotes awakening of conscience

Planet Earth is changing the vibrating frequency and we are accompanying that change. Our way of thinking is clearer and more effective. We begin to become aware of our own being, our inner divinity and that we are part of the universe. Around us we see a growth of spirituality on a global level. We are discovering our true potential for emotional self-healing and sincere communication with others.


Like any profound change, the increase in the speed of Schumann resonance creates discomfort in humans, especially at the beginning. Many people around the world feel tiredness, depression, dizziness, existential empure, etc. These feelings happen because we are living in a process of adaptation. We find it hard to get into tune with the new frequency of the earth, which is normal. All this is part of a new awakening of consciousness, which is difficult at first, but then it will be beneficial to our spirit.

Discovering hidden talents

Each of us came to earth with gifts, which do not always manifest themselves in reality: hidden talents, extreme intuition, infinite creativity and much more. As time is accelerating, it is more likely that in this existence we will be able to manifest the gifts we have received. Best of all, the next generations will have a better chance of developing extraordinary talents, because of the evolution we’ve already started 40 years ago.

Living in harmony with this change

Schumann resonance is accelerating the passage of time. This reality gives us a certain discomfort because we are adapting. In any way we can carry out certain activities that would allow us to maintain good physical, mental, and spiritual health. Therefore, while adapting to this change we can practice meditation, reflect on our behavior, keep quiet for several minutes a day, listen to classical or ambient music, spend more time outdoors, read books of all kinds, control our emotions, etc. If we do these activities we can be in tune with this new Schumann frequency and our life will be harmonious.

Adapting our DNA

Our body is very sensitive to the changes caused by the acceleration of the Schumann frequency, which can directly generate back pain, migraines and confusion regarding the passage of time. The good thing is that we are more intuitive and feel more empathy for others.

It is believed that the acceleration of the Schumann frequency would lead to our entry into the Fifth Dimension, 5D, which is a state of consciousness in which love, harmony predominates, where anything is possible. Today most people live in the Third Dimension, 3D, a state of consciousness where limitations and the material world predominate. Therefore, the Schuman frequency fosters spiritual evolution and the awakening of consciousness.


The acceleration of Schumann resonances makes us live the passage of time at a faster rate. However, this change fosters spirituality and an awakening of consciousness that will make us evolve as human beings. Although at first we find it hard to adapt, it is worth starting this luminous journey of the spirit.