How to Balance Your Energy Levels

We are energy. Our mind, body, spirit and emotions work 24 hours a day so that we can carry on with our lives. All areas where energy works are equally important and must be balanced so that we have a good quality of life. That’s why you should try to keep your body healthy, your mind well focused, your spirit satisfied and your emotions properly manifested.

Here are some valuable ideas on how to balance your energy levels.

Basic care for your body

energy levelsFirst of all, try to feed yourself well. Follow a diet that includes protein and vegetables. Drink plenty of water.

You should avoid too much fat and especially too much sugar.

Aim to exercise at least 3 hours a week. You may want to choose a physical activity that you like a lot: walking, biking, dancing, etc.

Getting a good night’s rest is also very important as your body and mind need to replenish strength.

You need to sleep for 7 to 8 hours each night.

Habits to avoid

Just as there are healthy habits that improve your quality of life, there are also others that you should always avoid.

For starters: don’t smoke. If you do, try to stop that harmful habit or, at the very least, cut down.

Don’t abuse alcohol as it can damage your body in the medium and long term.

Don’t try recreational or illegal drugs. These can harm every aspect of your life and, unless you’re in a part of the world where they’re sold legally, there’s not much in the way of quality control.

Anyway, if you’re having problems with cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, there are institutions that can help you.

Challenging your mind constantly

To keep your mind healthy and active you must have a learning attitude all the time.

That’s why you should read, research, study something you like, play mind games like crossword puzzles, puzzles, etc.

Basically to have your mental energy well balanced you must incorporate new knowledge that is of interest to you, so that learning is pleasant.

Maintain a positive attitude

If you want to have a balanced mental energy you must have positive thoughts.

Being optimistic brings benefits to all areas of your life. You feel good about yourself and can deal with your problems from an effective and resolute perspective.

Also a positive mental attitude prevents you from wasting your valuable time on speculations that are really just a bunch of “what ifs” that never actually happen.

Express how you feel

For your emotional energy to be balanced you must let your feelings flow naturally.

You should be encouraged to express what you feel, both good and bad.

If you keep hatred, anger or grudge bottled up in you, you’re going to hurt your relationship with yourself and also your relationships with others.

You can express your feelings without hurting anyone. You simply need to communicate your feelings and how they affect you individually.

Raise your spirits through faith

To make your spiritual energy well balanced, you can cultivate faith in any belief that you find valuable.

Keeping faith in a higher force during the course of your life makes you feel able to face any adversity.

You’ll have the inner conviction that you’ll always win.

All beliefs and religions are valid. The important thing is that they do you well and that it encourages peaceful treatment with others.


Meditation is a mental exercise that allows you to focus your mind on a specific topic, but without feeling identified with it.

To meditate you need to be alone in a room, breathe slowly and let sensations flow naturally.

Meditation allows you to empty your ego, leaving aside prejudices and other interferences.

This technique balances your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energy.

Ideally, meditate twice a day: in the morning when you wake up and at night before you go to sleep, ten minutes at a time.

Meditation brings many benefits to your daily life: you get a positive mental perspective that influences all your activities.


If you want to be a healthy person, all your energy levels should be well balanced throughout the course of your daily life.

All energy levels are equally important: your mind, spirit, body and emotions must develop healthily.

For that to happen, you have to take care of all those aspects with the same dedication. If you want to be healthy you must eat well, exercise, express what you feel, sleep soundly, etc. Remember that all aspects of your energy levels must be developed for your own good.