What Factors Influence Your Outlook in Life?

There are lots of different factors that can influence our outlook in life. Quite a few of those factors influence whether or not we’re likely to enjoy success but the good news is we can change near enough any of them. If we put our mind to it.

Education is one of the biggest factors but lack of education in your life shouldn’t be an issue. School education sets us up with a general knowledge of a lot of subjects. But most successful people use that as a springboard and it’s certainly not a requirement to have taken a degree to be successful – ask Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates amongst others.

Lack of education is only an issue if we let it affect us.

Which brings me on to the next point:

Your Mindset

success outlookThere’s an old quote from Henry Ford that says “whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

Think about that for a few seconds.

Then think back to some times in your life where you’ve thought you’re going to fail and have proved yourself correct. And some other times when you’ve been positive you’ll succeed and you’ve done precisely that.

Lots of people believe they’re either lucky or unlucky and various experiments have been run that prove them right, whichever side of the luck coin they believe themselves to be on.

In my view, mindset is the most important factor affecting our outlook on life.

You probably know one or two people who are almost permanently moaning – the human equivalent of Marvin the paranoid android in the Hitchhiker novels. And you’ll know that nothing ever seems to go right for them.

And you probably also know a few people who seem to have their own luck permanently following them around – if they buy a lottery or raffle ticket, they get the winner; if they’re walking down the street, they find money.

Either person could swap to the other mindset. But the lucky people wouldn’t want to – why move away from luck and success? And the unlucky people wouldn’t because their mindset would need to shift massively to do that.

But you can do it if you (literally) put your mind to it.

There are other factors and we each have our own personal set but, in my view, education and mindset are the two most important.

And both can be changed.

There are plenty of places to get more education. Formal places either in actual buildings or through online courses. Informal places like the internet. If you’ve ever turned to YouTube to find out how to do something, you’ve increased your education.

Changing your mindset is similar.

You could go on a course or a retreat – there are plenty of those around if you’ve got the time and the budget.

Or you could find ways to change your mindset to improve your outlook and your success.

That’s my preferred method – I’m probably too old to even qualify as a mature student and I don’t venture as far from home as I did in my younger days.

Plus there are so many ways to influence our outlook in life.

If you notice a stumbling block that’s holding you back, that’s a good first step because – now you’ve identified whatever it is – you can take steps to change.

Often the changes needed are small.

Think of a supertanker crossing the ocean. If it followed a straight path (OK, I know it doesn’t, but let’s not get too deep here) and the next time it followed the same path it was different by a fraction of a degree, the final destination when it crossed the ocean would be a very long distance from the first port.

It’s the same with our life.

A small change here, a minor adjustment there, can make an enormous positive difference to us.

I use several different ways to achieve this and you can do the same.

Subliminal messages

These are definitely in the category of being small but making a big difference.

They work in the background, at a level your subconscious mind notices but you conscious mind doesn’t.

But they work, nonetheless.

I use subliminals a lot – this subliminal package incorporates a computer program that runs on your machine and flashes up subliminal messages randomly. And it includes a whole bunch of pre-recorded subliminal sessions that you can compile with your choice of backing track and your choice of a host of special, extra powerful, effects.

It’s highly recommended if you want to change your outlook in life for something more positive.


This doesn’t work quite as much in the background as subliminals – you have to actually set aside time to listen to a hypnosis MP3 – but the suggestions it plants in your mind are like seeds. They grow, even after the MP3 has finished.

This link leads to a pack of specially selected hypnosis audios, designed to boost your success in life. It covers procrastinating less (because procrastination is often a negative trait that holds back our success).

There’s also a track to help you get more focused – because that helps with lots of things in life.

Another track will help you seek out new opportunities in life – finding those and joining in with them will improve your outlook as you realise you actually can do it.

The fourth track helps you believe in yourself more. This is one of the critical factors in changing your outlook as it’s part of your mindset.

And the final track gives your energy a nice boost any time you need it.

If that seems like a good idea to you, click this link and start listening to the tracks on a regular basis.