How to Tap into Your Spiritual Energy

Spiritual energy is another way of describing your life force energy. Depending on your belief system, it may come to you via your god (or gods) or it could come from somewhere else in the universe.

It’s generally considered to be the life force that connects your soul with your body and there are four commonly agreed types of spiritual energy that you can connect with and tap into: Prana, Chi, Divine Love and Mother Earth. It’s sometimes also called “source”. Whilst the names are different, the methods are the same for each of them.

Set the intention to connect

spiritual energyThis could be as simple as telling yourself that you want to improve your connection with your spiritual energy. Or you could go public and post it on your Facebook timeline or message friends about it – maybe asking other people you know to join you on the journey.

If you prefer, you could ask the universe to help you connect with your spiritual energy – a simple request will start attracting it to you.

Learn to clear your mind

Often it’s our mind that gets in the way and stops us from easily connecting with source.

Too often, our mind is thinking about a gazillion things and doesn’t stop to actually wonder what’s happening in the present.

Mindfulness is a good way to be more present – consciously living in the moment, rather than re-living the past or worrying about the future. This will also open up your mind and allow you to connect more easily with your spiritual source.

Meditation is another excellent way to calm down and allow yourself to be more present as well as helping in other areas of your life.

Don’t worry if you can’t get your mind totally clear – that’s perfectly normal and you’ll get better as you practice more.

Be more grateful

Being grateful is something we often forget to do.

Saying things like “thank you” more often is a good start, rather than taking all the wonders of our life for granted.

Keeping a gratitude journal is another option – the act of writing down a few things you’re grateful for at the end of each day, before you go to sleep, sets off all sorts of other positive reactions as well as putting you in a good mood before you retire for the night.

Look after your body

You need the physical, mental and spiritual parts of your body to be working in harmony.

Feeding your mind using mindfulness and meditation and gratitude will help with the mental aspect.

Feeding your physical body with good things – rather than junk food and overly processed food – is another place to start. Do your best to keep to a good diet although allowing yourself the occasional treat can also help as it can reduce cravings. Just not too often!

Exercise is another part of looking after your physical body. You don’t have to be gym fit but you shouldn’t be out of breath at the first opportunity either. Work up to getting fitter. Even a brisk walk will help.

Connect with nature

To an extent, we’ve lost our connection with nature in our modern world.

Our ancestors were surrounded by nature and lived in a more natural world their whole lives.

It’s highly unlikely that you have that opportunity but that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with nature more often.

There are almost certainly parks and other open spaces close to where you live – make sure you visit them. Aim for at least an hour a week spent in a reasonably natural enviroment, rather than being glued to a screen. And resist the temptation to wear headphones while you’re doing this – part of the connection process is hearing the natural sounds you’ll encounter.

Keep an open mind

Often the universe sends subtle clues. Ones that we have a tendency to ignore or miss.

Consciously keep an open mind for these. It could be coincidences – several similar things happening close to each other.

Or you could speed up the process by asking the universe to send you clear signs on a regular basis. I do this, normally including that these signs should be very obvious to me!

Tune your brain

When we’re connecting with our spiritual energy, our brain operates at certain frequencies.

Following the steps above will help it to do that.

But giving it some help is often a good thing as well.

This spiritual energy brainwave audio will let you do just that.

Set aside 15 or 30 minutes to listen to it and it will tune your brain into the best place to connect more often with your spiritual self.