How To Start Writing a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is one of the keys to a successful life. Developing that virtue daily multiplies the positive aspects that our reality can have: good health, a prosperous job, a beautiful family, among others.

That means that as you are grateful for what you have, the universe listens to you and sends you more blessings in addition to the ones you already have.

If you want to have a full life you should give gratitude a special space in your life: a gratitude journal in which you write down everything you are grateful for.

1. Find the right place and time

gratitude journalBefore you start writing your gratitude journal you should find a place to write it down and always write it at the same time so you can get used to the habit.

Choose the place in your house that you like best to start writing.

The ideal time to write a gratitude journal is the night, before you go to sleep. When you finish writing your thanks, remember to reread all the nice things you wrote.

You will sleep feeling a deep inner peace.

2. Choose a special notebook for your notes

Writing a gratitude journal is something very special, so you should choose a notebook that you use exclusively to write your thanks.

To make this task pleasant and fun, choose a notebook that is beautiful, according to your personal taste.

You can choose a notebook with nice drawings, landscapes or your favorite childhood cartoons. Remember that this notebook is yours and the more it reflects you, the better.

3. Remember every positive aspect of your day, from the beginning to the end

Start remembering what your day was like from the moment you woke up.

Emphasize all the good things that happened to you. You should be grateful for everything, from the “little things” like a delicious coffee, to a job promotion.

Include all the good stuff.

If something unpleasant happened to you, ignore it completely.

Keep in mind that if you focus on the positive you will neutralize the negative, eliminating its importance completely.

4. Write by feeling the emotions in your heart

Every time you write in your journal a positive event for which you feel grateful, you relive the joy that that event brought you.

This positive attitude makes it possible for fortunate events to happen to you.

The emotions you feel move the energies around you. Therefore, if you feel positive emotions you can only attract the good to your reality.

If you maintain that attitude, you will be protected from any adverse events that might occur to you. Only positive events will happen to you.

5. Details

Every time you write down a lucky event that happened to you during the day, describe that event in detail.

By doing this, you connect with the abundance of the universe and multiply the blessings that come into your life.

Keep in mind that detailing everything that made you happy during the course of the day predisposes you to an eternal positive outlook on life.

6. Pay attention to the people who participated in these positive events

Most likely, one or more people were part of that positive event that happened to you.

For example: you went somewhere to do an administrative procedure and had the good fortune to be attended to quickly and well.

You should feel grateful for all the people who facilitated that process and treated you well.

7. Be consistent every day

The exercise of writing a gratitude journal is an activity that should be done every day, not a few times a week.

A good person is always grateful, not sometimes.

To synchronize with the infinite abundance of the universe you must be grateful every day.

Final thoughts

Writing a gratitude journal greatly improves the quality of life. This exercise is very effective and you will see that in a few days you will feel better physically and mentally. Your plans become more concrete and your interpersonal relationships improve.

In the world of spirituality it is often said “What is thanked for is multiplied and what is not, is lost”. That is why the exercise of writing a gratitude journal makes you aware of the beauty of life.