6 Little Known Ancient Secrets to Attract Wealth

Human beings have always sought ways to achieve prosperity. Sometimes the financial context is adverse. That is the ideal moment to resort to magic and apply the best secrets to generate wealth. These procedures move powerful energies, managing to put good luck on our side.

Here are the best ancient secrets to attract wealth:

1. Sandalwood incense

ancient wealth attractionThis ancient secret for attracting prosperity is extremely simple: you only need a sandalwood stick which serves to attract money.

The first thing you have to do is light that stick.

Then think about the money you want to manifest and the happiness it will generate in your life.

Then repeat the following phrase ten times: “May the sandalwood that is burning in the fire bring to my reality the money I desire”.

After repeating the phrase, continue with your activities as always and let the sandalwood stick burn out completely.

2. Sugar

In esotericism, sugar represents wealth.

If you want a successful life, during a full moon night get a bowl in which you will place a generous amount of sugar.

Then you place a bill of any value inside that bowl.

After this, you should place the bowl in a place where it can receive the light of the full moon.

Leave it there until the new moon phase begins. You will soon see your financial life change for the better.

3. Attracting wealth on Halloween night

If you want to manifest prosperity in your reality, the magic night of Halloween is ideal to achieve it.

You must get a clay bowl in which you will place a handful of oats, a handful of alfalfa and 7 grains of rice.

Then add a piece of lighted charcoal and mix all these elements together.

As this mixture burns, you should walk around every corner of your home imagining that wealth is already manifesting itself in your life.

Once the ritual is over, you should scatter the ashes in your garden or, if you do not have a garden, you can keep them in a pot.

4. Ancient home ritual to promote abundance in your house

This is one of the best ancient secrets to attract wealth and synchronize your energy with financial success.

You will need the following items:

  • water
  • a green candle
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • olive oil
  • 3 orange peels

First, boil the orange peels and the cinnamon sticks.

Next, you should spread olive oil over the green candle.

When the cinnamon and orange water is cold, place it in a spray bottle.

Then light the green candle.

Take the spray bottle with the cinnamon and orange water and start spraying all the rooms in your house.

The green candle should always be lit while you do this.

As you spray the rooms you should imagine that you are already living an opulent and money-abundant life. When you are finished, put away the remains of the candle.

This ritual is best done every week, preferably on a Sunday. Positive changes should be seen from the first week.

5. Ancient secret to positively transform your financial reality

This ancient secret consists of a ritual to radically transform your financial reality.

You will need the following elements:

  • a plate
  • a yellow candle
  • 12 coins of equal value
  • tangerine oil

Light the candle and place it in the center of the plate.

Then place the 12 coins around the plate, forming a circle.

Then you should begin to spread drops of tangerine oil around these elements.

You should repeat this ritual for 12 days in a row, always at the same time.

Then you should repeat it once a month, for 3 months.

The positive changes should begin to manifest themselves ten days after staring the ritual.

6. Ancient secret to eliminate financial problems and attract abundance

This ritual is done under the influence of the waning lunar phase.

You must take a lemon, cut it in four parts and place it on a plate. While you cut it you should say: “I eliminate all my financial problems and open the door to success”. Then you place it under your bed for three nights in a row.

After three nights you should take the lemon and throw it as far away from your house as possible to help you attract more wealth into your life.