How to Succeed at Work as an Introvert

Introverted people have contributed a lot to our society. They often have outstanding talents and abilities which should be encouraged and celebrated.

These are the ones who prefer to listen than to talk; they are innovators, creators, thinkers who do not want to advertise; they are more prone to independent rather than teamwork.

Introverts, unlike extroverts, are directed inwards, towards their inner content. That is why they do not feel most comfortable when they surround by many people. After such meetings, they need to spend time alone and thus renew their energy. Introverts like to be with themselves, to think things through, and to have their peace. They are not antisocial, but they have a pronounced search for silence and solitude.

Modern society requires from us the ability to communicate, openness, teamwork, and extroversion.

stop being introvertedQualities that adorn introverts and can be useful for entrepreneurship and business?

  • Deep dealing with problems – introverts tend to think about themselves, others, and the world around them on a deeper level than extroverts. That doesn’t mean that extroverts don’t do it, but they are more inclined to look at things more superficially. Therefore, introverts are the right people to deal with complex problems, challenges that require patience and analytical skills.
  • Focus and energy orientation – while extroverts enjoy the presence of other people, introverts use their energy more efficiently, in the sense of surrounding themselves with fewer people and devoting more time to their internal processes. Moved to the level of efficient use of time and energy, introverts generally perform entrusted work tasks successfully and promptly.
  • Emphasis on quality — in business, this means that introverts will prefer to invest energy in fewer relationships, but these relationships will be more intense and deeper.

Here’s more about how to succeed at work as an introvert.

Choose a job that suits you

The strengths of introverts are creativity, the ability to resist stereotypes, analysis. Introverts usually have an excellent memory and can make informed decisions.

Here are some relevant occupations:

  • Writer – this is where the love of creativity and solitude will come together. Communication with people keep to a minimum, and creative abilities fully utilize.
  • Accountant – in the accountant’s head are only numbers, reconciliations, acts. They don’t have time for others to distract them and live in a world of numbers. The attention of introverts will help them progress in this profession.
  • Designer – a great opportunity to work from home or your own office and to show your creativity.
  • Translator – this profession will require introverts to have a high level of language skills. For the customer, the main thing is the result, and the introvert can achieve it.
  • Developer – a great option for the melancholic introvert. All you need for successful work is knowledge and a computer. Developers are non-communicative, but they can lead an active life online (take part in forum discussions, joke, become leaders in online games).

These are just some occupations suitable for introverts. They are guaranteed to be successful in professions that require creativity, analytical work, intuition, introspection, developed attention, and concentration.

Develop your interpersonal skills

People who work on themselves to develop these skills are usually more successful in both professional and private life.

People with these skills are optimistic, calm, confident, charismatic, and attractive to others. It is important to know that you can improve your interpersonal skills by realizing and practicing your interaction with others.

Don’t be so pre-occupied with teamwork

Your work environment should promote a culture of casual conversation, a pleasant atmosphere, and a spontaneous exchange of ideas. You need more privacy, freedom, and much more independence at work.

Respect the opinions of others

Introverts realize that their opinions and ideas may not always be the most appropriate for every situation. Always have time to listen to colleagues. Gather the best ideas and people and create amazing projects.

Highlight your creativity and imagination

The creativity that characterizes introverts is also the path to success in the sphere of private and business life. A creative person is not satisfied with the simplest — what will get a passing grade but is looking for the extraordinary and the best.

Stay with nature more often

Nature is an ideal place. Staying in nature will balance your thoughts, provide you with the peace, and then important ideas can surface.

A lot of advice on entrepreneurship and business comes down to the fact that we should develop traits that mostly belong to extroverts. The qualities we listed as the strengths of introverts are a small contribution to changing that discourse. Differences between people do not necessarily mean that some are born winners just because they are more open to other people.