How to Stop Blushing When Public Speaking

Stage fright is a legit concern for lots of people. If you are one of these people than you absolutely dread any situation when all the attention in the room is on you.

Whether it is conducting a presentation or making a speech, your nervousness will cause adrenaline to flow, which will result in a blood rush to your face otherwise known in layman’s terms as blushing.

Although it is not the end of the world, it can often divert your audience’s attention away from the topic of discussion.

Controlling blushing is strictly a mental process (even if it doesn’t seem that way) with a mixture of preparation.

Here are several tips to stop blushing when public speaking or to cope with your nervousness of public speaking which causes blushing.

Let’s get to the root cause of what causes you to be nervous during a public speaking situation.

More often than not, it is the fear of blundering a crucial presentation to a client or messing up a speech during an important event in the life of you or a loved one.

A simple solution to this massive problem is just practice.

Practice does make perfect and public speaking is no exception.

Whether it be another person, a pet or even to yourself in the mirror, rehearsing a presentation from the beginning to the end is crucial.

By your 3rd or 4th practice, it will become part of your memory so when the time does come to make the actual presentation, your chances of making a careless mistake go down significantly.

If you happen to be in a profession that involves you being a frequent public speaker, you will improve overtime with experience in the field.

People who blush usually do it in all circles of life and not just public speaking as it is a response to nervousness.

Oftentimes the cure is the simplest thing to do and that is to accept it. Let it be known to yourself that you blush and that it is perfectly acceptable.

If you feel comfortable enough with the audience, you can humorously point out your blushing to eradicate your nervousness which usually cures the blushing. If the presentation in not physically being affected by your blushing then most audience members will not notice such a small problem.

The thing to avoid at all cost is to feel responsible for blushing or apologize for it.

You can also use the exact opposite strategy which is to not obsess over it. When you approach a presentation with thoughts of blushing, chances are you probably will.

It is critical in this circumstance to remain calm and to focus on the task at hand instead of potential mistakes that can be made.

The old saying of thinking something into existence also works in the vice versa. If you eliminate obsessing over it, your chances of eradicating blushing all together go higher.

An important aspect to feeling comfortable in public and not have your face turn red is to relax your mind and body.

Take deep breaths and if enough time is available pre-presentation, meditation can do a world of good to keep your mind calm and under control when the spotlights are on you.

There are ways of doing this during the presentation as well – the old saying of picturing your audience naked while public speaking is less about nudity but more about warming up and adapting to your audience and oftentimes feeding off their energy.

The audience can either make or break your presentation and it all depends on your mannerisms and delivery.

Another tip to stop presentation anxiety is to familiarize yourself with the location where the public speaking is taking place.

Arrive early to give yourself an ample amount of time to become “one” with the stage and to become comfortable with the environment and the surroundings. This is also where you can perform any last-minute rehearsals on the actual stage and practice your movements and also practice making eye contact by looking at the empty chairs.

There are medical advancements that can also be used for blushing.

Although these methods are considered extreme, they get the job done.

Doctors use advanced laser technology to get rid of excess blood vessels to reduce blood flow to the face during an adrenaline rush. This will block excess blood from entering your face and get rid of blushing.

There are also medicines prescribed for high blood pressure that if taken in small doses can control anxiety and reduce your chances of blushing throughout your presentation.

I know what you are thinking, an expensive medical procedure and medicine just for a minor inconvenience like blushing. To people that suffer from this, it is sometimes more than a minor hindrance and can affect their confidence.

But before you splash out on expensive treatments, take a look at this simple (and very effective) hypnosis to stop blushing.