Do not Lose the Thread: Keep Your Momentum Going!

We have just one life and we all are here to live it once, right?

Then why don’t we start living it for real, start living it for a good cause, start living it for a good reason?

Why can’t we have a goal to achieve and why can’t we have a momentum to maintain?

I remember reading somewhere that good people come in our life, stay like good books that have plenty of advice to offer and often leave us in the middle of the life to make us follow that advice on a serious note.

We all have a momentum to achieve, but are enough serious about it?

Let take a look at some ways to keep your momentum going.

Someone has rightly said that momentum demands movement – to maintain it you need to work accordingly.

If you have failed previously then now is the right time to start all over again!

It isn’t as though the New Year that comes just once in a year is the only time you can set your mind to doing things for motivating yourself with those New Year goals.

Momentum is like a leader’s best friend, it stays with you all the time to keep guiding you for the dreams and goals, you haven’t achieved so far.

So, how to keep the momentum going?

Identify your goal: It is important to know what you really want to achieve.

Your goals should be clear enough to discuss your dreams. Note them down on the paper (that’s more powerful than tapping away in front of a screen) and  stick them on a wall which is always in front of your eyes.

This will help you to read them and in turn, will remind your mind of the everyday targets.

Start working on your goal!

The right time is now. Not tomorrow or next week or next year.

Don’t leave it for tomorrow, please!

Do it straight away for the best chance of accomplishing your goals.

The major problem with today is we want everything to be done now or tomorrow at the latest.

But w don’t believe in the power of doing it today.

Once you have identified your goals, start working on them.

Do everything you can towards them – even if it seems slow at first.

For an example, if fitness is your goal then start pumping out with your workouts from today.

Taking a day off won’t bring your goals closer.

Keep a check on your progress: it is very important to note down your successes.

Graph them regularly and use them for inspiration.

I hope you noted down when you began and will keep recording your successes every day from now, maybe splitting them into weeks or months as well.

This kind of progress chart is important to make you aware of your momentum.

It will give you an idea of what needs to be improved to make it work even better! Larger goals are easiest to achieve because they make you think high!

Keep the momentum going: It often happens with people that when we are on the right track and find ourselves closer to our goals, we get distracted by the results.

We start going off the track.

We lose our confidence and develop a fear of the unknown.

This often happens.

I know a person who used to have a great team of choreographers: he worked day and night for the team to get success and on the day of audition, he broke down thinking about the fears such as the unity of the team after the success, the trust in his subordinates, the trust in himself and moreover, the fears of the future commitments.

So, don’t let this happen with you.

Do your best keep the momentum going without worrying about the future commitments. You are a leader and you are going to master it!

Never forget to appreciate yourself for every achieved goal: Appreciating someone is really a good habit but cultivating a habit of appreciating yourself too on a small to big achievement is a nice idea to maintain the growth of your momentum.

I hope you’re able to identify and maintain your momentum with these simple tricks.

Remember, once you achieve your goals, you are never finished with your momentum. You have to keep it well-maintained for keeping the momentum going for your lifetime.