6 Easy Ways To Feel Less Busy

Can being too busy make you more productive? No.

Being too busy doesn’t mean you will be more productive and effective. In fact, it often reduces your overall potential.

Being less busy can actually make you more productive and also help you in achieving your goals and dreams.

Here are some quick tips to being less busy yet more productive:

  1. Prepare a list of “must do” things for the day

Preparing a list with all those important things and must do things which you need to do in a day can be a great solution to staying on track and not running round like a headless chicken.

Make sure that when you have prepared the list, you don’t keep adding other tasks that might not be of greater importance on that day. Not adding more tasks can be a big challenge, especially when you add tasks that you can’t accomplish in a given time. This makes you lose focus and motivation when the list is too long – if it’s more like a to-do list that’s almost War & Peace, it’s definitely too long.

Depending on the lifestyle you live and how big the tasks you need to do are, make sure your list contains around 3 – 8 tasks for the day.

Ensures the tasks you include in your list are ones that are leading you to your goals.

2. Learn single tasking

You may see multi-tasking as a great skill, but it can make you feel occupied and fully busy the whole day.

If you are the kind of person who does multi-tasking, I believe your days might always be busy but you can solve this problem by doing your tasks one at a time.

Single-tasking increases your focus which in turn increases the quality and the amount of work you can do in a set amount of time.

Basically, it doesn’t actually mean that you should work on one specific task for weeks or months until it’s finished since the duration of your tasks can vary.

Instead it means when working on a specific task at certain specific time, you should concentrate on that task until the time you allocated for it is finished or you have finished the task itself (which could be sooner because you’re more focussed).

Concentrating on important and valuable tasks that in the long run will bring you closer to your goals and dreams fulfilment means you’re giving them the attention they deserve.

3. You need to change your mindset about being busy.

To most of us, we have the tendency of glorifying busy-ness. Right?

Like for instance, having a mentality that every time a person asks you how are you doing, your answer is always that you are busy.

Been busy 24/7 doesn’t mean you will be more productive – in lots of cases it will limit and affect your full potential.

Modifying this kind of mindset can make you feel less busy yet accomplish more. Which is win-win.

This can be done by you developing some strategies and habits that will make you feel less busy and which will also increase your productivity.

4. Involving yourself in self care activities.

There are some self care things that can make you feel less busy. These include well-being, wisdom, meditation and giving.

Well-being involves activities such as having a decent amount of sleep for yourself that can make you feel more chilled, healthy and relaxed. Also lifelong learning, mindfulness, meditation and involving yourself in community activities can be great solutions of breaking your feeling of being busy.

If you can practise these self care activities you will come to realize that they are not in any way distracting you from your success but instead they contribute a lot the success you are going to make for yourself.

5. Identify your priorities

Identifying the things you need to achieve in life and prioritising them can be a great start. This is because you can truly identify the significance and importance these contributions can help you to give to the world and focus on them.

In most cases being busy can result in you focusing on misplaced priorities.

6.  Always Schedule rest

Rest is a very important activity which you can’t avoid if you want to live a less busy life.

Basically, one of the major factors that can make you fail is the failure to recognize the value and importance of rest.

Not only can rest help you to live a quieter life but also it has healthy benefits for your mind, body and soul. Therefore, its very important to set up some times or even days on your work schedule for resting.

And if you’d like more help, listen to this hypnosis track to help you stop being perpetually busy.