7 Simple Tips on How to Stop Laughing for No Reason

Laughing is a great way to release the harmful stress that comes with day-to-day life. It’s nice when done at the right times. But imagine how weird you’d look when you’re walking in the street and bam! You burst out laughing. Or in class, in the middle of a lesson, the giggles unexpectedly show up. The glares you’ll get will be enough to make you wish you’d disappear.

But what if you can’t help it?

You really wish you could but the habit seems to have the final say every time. The good news is, you can control it and dictate when it should happen. Sounds impossible? Well, here are some simple tips that will help you regain control and laugh only when necessary:

1. Pretend it’s a cough instead

This is one of the best ways to hide that laughter. Any time you feel it coming, cover it up with a cough. Try to extend a cough until you feel that the laughter is gone. It may be difficult at first but with time, it will be a natural measure. Try not to exaggerate it for the sake of your throat. When you do it naturally, you will convince those around you that it was just a slight cough, so they won’t pay much attention to you.

2. Think negative

Remember that time when you were told to stop thinking about negative experiences? Now would be a good time to allow them to flood your mind for some time, It may sound wrong, but it helps in the long run. It’s a way of allowing you to focus on something else. Negative experiences will help you to maintain a straight face more easily. Alternatively, you could take a deep breath and close your eyes until the urge passes. Be sure to do this in a private place to avoid the uncomfortable stares that you may attract.

3. Put yourself through some pain

I’m not talking about extreme measures such as slapping yourself hard, burning your finger or drilling a needle through your wrist. Try safer ones such as biting your tongue or pinching yourself. The idea is to suppress the laughter or stop it, if possible. Don’t put so much pressure on your tongue, otherwise, you’ll bite it off. The bite should be effective but gentle.

4. Cover your face

If you want a quick escape, placing your hand over your mouth or hiding your face with both hands will do the trick. This allows you to let it all out without anyone noticing. While you’re at it, avoid making any sounds as much as possible. Once you’ve finished, let out a deep breath and continue with what you were doing before. The good thing about this technique is you can do it anywhere without having to put in much effort.

5. Distract yourself

Laughter, like all other emotions, is controlled in the mind. Once you find some distraction, then you’ve won the battle against it. Do something like sleeping, in the right environment, of course, reading, writing or focusing on the horizon for a long time. You’ll find that the urge to laugh will automatically disappear. If you prefer talking to others or jogging, you could do those too. The important thing is you’re distracted.

6. Use some water

A good way to maintain a straight face is by putting some water in your mouth. Take a sip or mouthful of water every time you feel like laughing, and hold it in your mouth. If you accidentally swallow it the first time, give it a second try. When your mouth is occupied, it won’t have the space to handle that smile or laughter.

7. Measure the mood around you

If you’re among a crowd of people, it’s easier to control your laughter. Before giving in to that outburst of laughter, check if other people are in a jovial mood. If yes, you’re free to laugh all you want. On the other hand, if everyone else has a straight face on, use that as a motivation to hold your laughter. If matters get out of hand and you can’t hold it, simply excuse yourself and find somewhere private to laugh. It’s interesting that in most cases, once you’ve excused yourself, the urge to laugh disappears. It may work for you too. Always bear in mind that if everyone else can control their laughter, you can do it too.

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