What To Do If You’re Feeling Weighed Down and Tired

It’s normal to feel weighed down and tired every now and then. But when it’s your normal state, that’s definitely not a good place to be.

It could be a sign of chronic fatigue – if you think that’s a possibility, it’s well worth checking with a medical professional to check what they can do to help.

But it’s also worth doing a few other things to help get you back on track:

Check your sleep patterns

weighed downSleep is an essential part of our life. It allows our body to do a lot of repairs and it allows our mind to dream and process what’s happened during the day.

There are a lot of things you can do to help get a good night’s sleep:

  • Go to bed at a consistent time – our body likes routine and going to bed at roughly the same time every night helps it keep that routine.
  • Keep your bedroom dark – any slivers of light getting in to your bedroom will disturb your sleep. If necessary, get some blackout curtains. And definitely cover up any lights, even standby ones.
  • A consistent temperature helps – depending on your country, this may or may not be easy but the more consistent you can keep your bedroom temperature, the better.
  • Relax before going to sleep – that means not looking at the news too close to bedtime, reducing your screen time (the light makes your brain think it’s not time for bed yet) , maybe taking a nice, warm bath.
  • Listen to a chill-out track that’s been specially designed to help you get the best night’s sleep you’ve had for ages.

Lose some weight

If you’re like most people in the Western world, you’re carrying a few extra pounds. Maybe quite a few.

Diets don’t seem to work for you.

But you need to do something to shed those excess pounds – they’ll be one of the things that are literally keeping you weighed down and your mind will be at least subconsciously worrying about the effect on your health.

Pick a diet that you can get on with in the longer term. Ideally not a crash diet where the real crash (the part they don’t tell you about) is that you regain the weight you lost and more almost as fast as you lost it.

Your diet should be a lifestyle choice – you’re more likely to keep to it if it fits with your values and mindset, even if your weight loss is slow and you’re closer to being the tortoise than the hare.

Listen to a subliminal message audio to help keep your mind focused on the benefits of eating healthily.

Stay hydrated

Chances are you’re not drinking enough liquid – ideally water.

Aim to drink the recommended 8 glasses a day. Build up to that target if you’re a lot lower than that.

Being dehydrated doesn’t help our bodies.

And don’t add too much to the water – sure, coffee is mostly water but the other ingredients in it won’t be helping. Too much caffeine doesn’t help your sleep patterns.

Also don’t drink too many sodas – regular or diet – as they won’t help either. Use a slice or twist of lemon if you want to change the taste of your water without side effects.

You might be depressed

Depression has a lot of side effects and symptoms – feeling weighed down and tired is one of them.

Obviously if you think you’re suffering from depression then talking to your medical professional is something you need to do.

Including some food to help your mood can also be a good idea – dark chocolate, fermented foods, bananas, nuts & seeds can all help lift your mood a bit.

Things aren’t in your control

We can’t control everything in our lives so if you’re worrying about things you can’t control then you need to train your mind to stop trying to do that.

For instance, anything that’s being shown on the news (unless you’re actually on screen) is totally outside your control.

So is the weather.

And so are lots of other things.

Turn down the control freak side of you and give yourself a few less things to worry about.

Use hypnosis to help

If none of the above ideas work – or if you’d like to fast track their success – then listen to a hypnosis audio.

It’s been specially written to help get your subconscious mind stop worrying about anything and everything.

All you need to do is listen – the audio will take you to a more relaxed state (which will help reduce your worry and anxiety) and will work with your subconscious mind to reduce those feelings in the future.

It’s an easy and very effective way of getting yourself back on track.