Is There Really a No-BS Manifesting Technique?

Manifesting good things into your life is something we’d all like to do. But so many of the programs out there are high on hype but low on actually working.

The movie The Secret is professionally produced but just tuning your vibrations to the universe isn’t enough (shame, it sounds good doesn’t it!)

Lots of other courses are similar. And even going back almost a century, Napoleon Hill titled his book Think and Grow Rich so he was probably riding this bandwagon without knowing it.

no bs manifestingThe good news is that there are options out there which will help you manifest and they come without the BS.

The main “trick” is to go several steps further than just thinking about what you want to appear in your life.

That’s still the first step of course – without a really clear idea of what you want to manifest, it’s a lot less likely to happen.

The more specific you are about what you want to manifest, the better.

I like to spend around 30 to 60 minutes on this part of the process and suggest that you do the same.

Set aside some time where you won’t be disturbed. And grab a pen and paper – physically writing down the ideas works a lot better than just tapping away on a keyboard because it adds an extra connection between you and your vision.

Go into as much detail as you possibly can.

Movies do this all the time – they go into incredible detail and often the things they do won’t be seen on screen in the kind of detail they go into. But it all adds to the overall credibilty of the finished item.

You need to do something similar.

Write down a scene where you’ve actually got what you want to manifest into your life. Note the colours, the sounds, the smells. Taste the air!

Your vision should be as close to real life as possible.

Your mind will take this on board and it will make the whole manifesting process an order of magnitude easier.

Read through your vision and get as excited about it as you possibly can. This is the bit the movie The Secret focuses on – your vibration levels – and it’s an important part of the jigsaw but by no means all of it.

As you do this, you’ll almost certainly hit blockages – things that are holding you back. Some of them you might recognise, others will be new to you because they’ve been buried deep in your subconscious.

You need to let those blocks go – this is called releasing.

There are various ways to release blockages. I find the Sedona Method probably the easiest.

It involves asking yourself just three questions about the feeling or blockage.

  • Would I let it go?
  • Could I let it go?
  • When?

The first two questions are yes or no. Those are the only two possible answers and either is correct.

The third is time based – how long do you want to hang on to this thing and let it hold you back. Whatever answer comes up is correct.

Repeat the questions until the blockage has gone – it’s normal for it to take a few rounds of questioning and it’s also normal for the blockage to shift or disappear but be replaced by another one.

It’s a bit like peeling back the layers of an onion.

Do that for each of the things that are getting in the way of manifesting what you desire.

The more you clear them, the easier it is for the universe to deliver.

Once you’ve done that, practice gratitude.

Be thankful for everything that’s already in your life. Whether it’s small stuff or large stuff or anything else.

Practice being grateful more often – a gratitude journal is a good way of doing that and if you get in the habit of writing in it each night it puts your mind in a grateful state before you go to sleep, so the grateful feelings can grow while you’re sleeping.

The final part of the no BS approach is to take action!

You need to do positive things – no matter how small – towards attracting the thing you want to manifest into your life.

Keep doing things because they’ll prove to the universe and your subconscious that this thing is going to happen.

And if you’d like more help with this, including a manifesting cheat sheet that you can refer to whenever you need to, click this link.