Top-notch Mind and Body Cleansing Programs

Today’s modern lifestyle causes a lot of stress on both the body and mind. The stress may be as a result of a psychological problem, disease and illness. It can hold you back from having a fulfilling and enjoyable life. It will suppress your immune system making you vulnerable to different bacterial and viral infections. At the end of it all you will have a negative lifestyle. If you want to embrace a healthy lifestyle, I would advise you to alleviate stress first.

That’s where PhuketFit in Thailand comes in. Here you will enjoy a gentle mind and body cleanse with juices, full fasting or raw food. Before the actual cleansing process begins, you will be consulted by one of their detox consultants who will answer all the questions you may have. They will also explain to you about the program.

Using advanced medical equipment, they will determine your visceral fat stores, body fat percentage, blood pressure, and hydration levels. Throughout your program at PhuketFit, you will be able to see the progressive results from your own efforts. The purpose of the cleansing is to identify and alleviate both external and internal stressors, restore your mental, emotional and physical balance. It also helps your body to eliminate toxins.

Although they can be found throughout the body, toxins mostly accumulate in the digestive system. They are caused by pesticides in the foods you eat, polluted air, chemicals in the drinking water and other factors related to modern lifestyle.

Methods of Eliminating Toxins 

At PhuketFit, you will find a variety of natural, holistic methods to thoroughly and safely cleanse toxins from your body. The following are some methods used:

  1. Cleansing Drinks: This method is based on Psyllium, an effective herb used for weight control. It is combined with other herbs to detoxify and cleanse your digestive track.
  2. Cleansing Herbs: The method is formulated for the cleanse program. They use hand-selected, freshly dried, and ground organic herbal ingredients to achieve this.
  3. Dietary Supplements: Their supplements such as capsules from rice powder are very effective. They are strategically formulated potent healers.
  4. Young Coconut Juices: The juices are provided to restore your natural electrolytes and cleanse your body.
  5. Vegetable Broth: This provides minerals which are essential when cleansing the body.
  6. The Liver Flush: It is a formulated concoction that flushes toxins out from your liver, restoring it to proper functioning.
  7. Yoga and Fitness Classes: Yoga stimulates your lymphatic and circulation systems, helping the body to release toxins naturally. Gentle exercise is a good way to release tension and relieve stress throughout you entire body.

While under this program, you will experience several benefits of mind and body cleansing. They include: a strengthened immune system, increased energy, cleansed liver, improved circulation, reduced stress, increased sex drive, improved digestion, detoxified organs, weight loss, regulated bowl movements and balanced hormones.

At PhuketFit, you will also encounter a weight loss program where you will have to go through physical training and health education. They will help you lose weight and make lasting changes in your life. They have talented fitness and health professional who will make you feel great and in shape. If you are looking for an effective mind and body cleansing program in Thailand, PhuketFit will be the best.