How to Manifest Money Out Of Thin Air

Some people say money cannot buy happiness and to an extent that’s true. Money in and of itself does make us happy (most people wouldn’t consider a dollar bill to be a work of art) but with money in our hands or our bank account, we are able to use it to meet our daily needs and take care of a few (or even a lot of) luxuries.

Making money almost overnight can just be easy – if you only train your brain to be focused on making money effortlessly.

When we feed our brains with images of wealth and money, we are able to gradually make the dominant thoughts focus on making money over time.

Once you have the right guide on how to do it, you will start walking your path to financial independence.

Here are some ways in which you can manifest money, seemingly out of thin air:

Go online

The internet provides many platforms which allow you to make money. If you believe the sales pitches, it’s possible to make money almost instantly.

To an extent this is true. It depends where you’re looking and what kind of offers you decide to take up.

Generally speaking, it pays to exercise caution with online offers, especially in the make money arena, because there are far fewer rules and regulations on the web, even if the FTC likes to think it’s in charge.

One of the more reliable options is to choose a site where you can do freelance jobs for others and get paid daily or weekly depending on how many projects you are going to do and what you are paid afterwards.

OK, you’re trading your time for money but (short of winning the lottery) that’s almost always the most reliable way to manifest more money into your life.

There are lots of these sites around – you may have come across some of them in your travels:

  • Fiverr – originally a site where you traded $5 for a service you wanted, the site has grown and once you get established $5 is only the beginning. People creating graphics such as logos charge $5 for the base service and then charge extra amounts for fast delivery, different file formats or resolutions, etc. The same goes for almost any “gig” on Fiverr – browse them and you’ll find almost all savvy sellers are upselling to attract extra money using Fiverr. For a fast start, get hold of a basic guide and then tweak things accordingly.
  • iWriter – if you can type coherent words reasonably fast, this could be the site for you. iWriter is a “content mill” where web sites in need of written content are able to get articles written for them. The price you get paid for your words starts off low (like most jobs where you’re a trainee) and gradually improves. If you use a speech recognition system to create your articles (there’s a free one for Windows and doubtless also for Macs) then you can make a lot of money even at the basic level.
  • Surveys – beware any sites asking your to pay money to get a list of places to complete surveys. You’re better off with a quick search. Most of the time surveys don’t really pay much compared with the time you spend completing them but there are exceptions, you just have to be patient.
  • Mystery shopping – mystery shoppers get paid to shop and provide feedback on their shopping experience. For instance, if you’re mystery shopping a restaurant chain you’ll get paid to eat and have free food as well. That’s an interesting way to manifest the equivalent of free money into your life.
  • Selling things for commission – this happens all over the internet. So much so that it’s even got a special name – affiliate marketing. It’s the online equivalent of being a commission only sales person. Every time you introduce a sale to a company, you get a cut of the profits. People do this via their own website, on places like Facebook and Twitter and near enough everywhere else on the web. It takes a bit of time to get yourself set up (anything from a day or two to several weeks) but can be close to autopilot income if you do it right.
  • Become a Kindle author – Kindle is the latest publishing sensation. You’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard of it. Create a book, upload it to Kindle and within about a day it’s live, ready for people to buy. The interesting thing is you don’t even need to be a “real” author – there are lots of books that have near enough no written content and it’s surprisingly quick and easy to create that kind of zero written content book.

Those ideas are just scratching the surface.

It’s unlikely that you’ll come up with the next Google – a company that creates more money daily than you or I could ever envisage – but you can still skim off a nice portion of that cash.

Imagine the millions of people that visit the internet daily and let’s say thousands might be interested in buying the product or service you’re promoting.

Simply focus on identifying some of the methods you prefer and then put them into action and start working on the opportunity you feel you can generate money for you.

Read money making books

You might be sitting on ideas on your bookshelf or in your local library.

Money making books are available everywhere.

Some of them are free because they’re out of copyright.

  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, one of the best selling books of all time
  • The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles, the book which inspired the movie The Secret
  • Acres of Diamonds by Russel H Conwell, a short read that is inspirational and shows you that often riches are sitting right under your nose if you only choose to look

And lots more with a quick search. Just be sure to treat the information with the same respect as if you’d paid for it. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that if something is free then that’s what it’s worth. But those three books are responsible for countless millions of dollars being made by people across the globe.

Read as many books as possible (set yourself some reading time every day) to discover the secrets and ideas of gathering wealth and money. Lots of the books are owners tales and lots are rags to riches, although not necessarily overnight.

Meditate, visualize and focus on manifesting money

Meditating on finding ways of making money and visualizing on what money can do is one of the ways focusing and getting money out of thin air.

Meditation is a great way to get that inner peace that helps you to relax.

Depending on what you focus on while you meditate, you may have a direct idea about your money manifestation or you may prefer an indirect one.

Often the best way of letting the universe help us with our aims is to put out an “order” for what we want and then let the universe take care of how it’s delivered.

You’ll sometimes still need to do something to help your order manifest but there are also countless tales from people who’ve suddenly found the right things happening and appearing in their lives merely by changing how their thoughts are focussed.

It’s a weird concept and one that takes a bit of getting used to. So it’s often best to start with manifesting small things first – a fun game to play whenever you’re out and about is to spot coins on the street. They’re almost everywhere but unless you’re tuned into looking for them, chances are you’re walking straight past them.

Set your intention that you’re literally going to manifest money out of thin air the next time you walk around town or visit a mall. OK, it won’t be dangling in thin air in front of you, it will be laid on the ground, but that’s quite close I think you’ll agree.

And it really is free cash.

Be grateful for what you already have

In the Western world most of us are richer and more abundant than the kings and queens of the past.

We’ve got running water, light and heat, all on demand.

We’ve got food and drink from all corners of the globe at an incredibly low cost, often available all day and night.

We’ve got the equivalent of servants to cook for us – just walk into any restaurant to prove that.

Thanks to the internet, information and entertainment is available whenever we want it and covering almost any imaginable topic.

We can communicate with almost anyone in the world at the press of a few buttons, rather than having to send a messenger out on horseback and hope they’d return a few days or weeks later with an answer.

If you don’t currently express your gratitude for the abundance of things you’ve got, maybe now is the time to start.

Being grateful is a quick and easy way of telling the universe that you’re thankful for the things it’s already provided and encourages it to provide even more.

You can practice gratitude in lots of different ways – from saying “please” and “thank you”, smiling more and generally taking every possible opportunity to be grateful.

In turn, you’ll find that gratitude attitude “comes back to haunt you” with yet more gratitude.

And some of that gratitude may well take the form of money appearing from nowhere, or at least nowhere expected.

Try it and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

The important thing is to keep working on yourself and your thoughts.

Humans seem purpose built to get distracted.

And that includes manifesting money out of thin air – you probably did it when you were younger, even without knowing why.

But you’ve un-learned the techique and aren’t as abundant as you’d like to be.

Take the time to re-learn and apply that knowledge to the orders you place with the universe (cosmic ordering works very well in thus respect).

Follow these tips and you’ll be manifesting money out of thin air sooner than you ever thought possible.