How To Become More Extroverted If You Are An Introvert

There are two major human personalities according to behavioral psychologists:

Introverts are the shier, quieter people of this world.

At the extreme end of the scale, an introvert is unable to stay around people and is called a loner in laymans terms.

Extroverts are the exact opposite; they love to socialize and are very outgoing.

Many introverts admire the ease with which their extroverted peers can communicate in a group and many wonder how they can change from introverts to extroverts.

While being introverted may be in your nature, there are ways you can improve your people skills and become a more extroverted.

It is actually quite easy as you will see;

  • Consciously consider the people you want to be around and those you don’t. This will enable you to choose friends with whom you are freer and more relaxed. You will be more extroverted around people you are comfortable with and this will help build your personality.
  • Think about joining a club. The benefit of joining a club if you’re currently introverted is twofold. You get to do something you enjoy and you socialize with new people. You will start feeling more extroverted as you grow in the club as this slowly helps you hone your social skills.
  • Find a hobby to help you identify your strong areas. This will give you something to talk about when in a group of people. If necessary, do some research on trending topics during your private time and you will have an opinion (or at least some knowledge) during conversations.

This doesn’t mean you have to give up your introverted nature as there are many advantages to it too.

You can schedule some time away from people to read, write or meditate and build on your strengths.

Don’t let your personality keep you from making friends. Instead, take some time to learn how to become a bit more extroverted if you are an introvert and strike the balance for a more fulfilling social life.

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