Making Your Time Line Work for You

Time line is a term coined by “The Elder”; to explain the reason for your moments lack of vision in the past, but makes sense as we begin to flow a new more flawless direction of time.

Time line is a statement that explains our past moments don’t always flow quickly; at times, it can feel like time stands still, it’s necessary to take a breath; but as time goes by and you persist within it, there amends are made for those moments, through new self teaching you learn from the past, and your time line shifts.

future time lineTime line creates a new direction of time, as it’s a bridge between this life and the next; it’s a means of stating a truth, yet at the same time, a hurdle to be faced. Good time line is the bridge between this world and your next to come; it signals that your current moment is not the end all be all in the universe. It prevents you from taking un-necessary and possibly unnecessary actions in the moments and moments to come.

Existing time line will start to feel like a routine if you are uneasy with what’s it going to feel like. And by feeling the difference of the feeling, the sooner this time line becomes entangled with our current life’s script.

It will become a comfort zone that is familiar to us, devoid of creativity, innovation, and is told to us about our life’s experience, the lessons that are to be passed on. When time is not lived in a new light, the past begins to short changes us, and long term feelings of guilt, frustration, hostility and anger begin to occur with almost every aspect of our life. It’s difficult to stop dwelling on the past and start living in the present.

Our current script tends to create guilt and frustration on a regular bases. As a result of this, we remain trapped in our current direction but reject the allure of the forthcoming future. But we can change that; we can stop living in the past and start participating in a new script. Time can be a bridge between this life and a next life.

Isn’t time just a measurement of our capacity to survive? Isn’t time just the new present you are given in which you must fill some moments of tomorrows before finally leaving this life completely? Well if that’s what our current life is all about, we should all know the answers by now!

This is where the time line comes in. It’s at times our tendency to rely on our past as our guide to the future. We refuse to leave the past behind, and relive it over and over again. The more we beat ourselves up and replay that unhappy past moment, the longer it has the pull of a magnet; we are unable to move on to the future. We simply can’t feel the force of a powerful vortex between our past and our future, due to the previous negativity and lack of self esteem.

Time is our bridge, theades rope we use to drag ourselves forward. We can create something new as time door clock will again swing both ways. So today, you have an opportunity to create something new. An edge on your life. After all, the bible tells us that until God wants it, there’s no other wheel we can live by. If this is your belief, then you seem to be in-denial as you seek my counsel so that you can continue to hang your head in shame over your past.

It’s time you woke up; and it’s time we all acted on this. Time can stretch between our time lines if we just allow it to. This is your chance to make it a day of action; time to just move forward with the knowledge that as an individual, you are valued beyond your current circumstances. All you have to do is take the time to use your time line to move toward your tomorrow.

The eternal question that we ask ourselves is whether or not we are going to live our lives in a way that brings order and structure to our daily routines. The answer for most of us is no. We’re going to continue to live our lives in a manner that we are no longer happy living. After all, this is our life’s purpose. We feel like we live in a maze, filled with hurt, guilt, and regret, and spend our days pulling our hair out in frustration as we go from, to, to, and around one obstacle or another.

But as we take the time to go in search of the solution to shift the current circumstances of our lives, our inner voice calls us back home to our origin, our innate wisdom. It’s been there all along, waiting for us to slow down and reflect on the fact that time truly does fly.