Tips on How to Cure Chronic Procrastination

Did you know that 20% of the world population are chronic procrastinators? And, most of these people are deeply affected by the issue.

Chronic procrastination is a serious problem, which has to be addressed with professional help. Individuals who are affected by this disorder need medical assistance. This is because chronic procrastination can turn into depression at any hour.

Why is procrastination a serious problem?

procrastinatingFirst of all, it is quite difficult to understand if you are a casual procrastinator or a chronic one!
On a normal day, you might end up cancelling meetings, skipping school or avoiding certain chores in your relationship. And, when this situation stretches to missing bills, not attending sporting events and even forgetting to book tickets – your condition is quite worse. If you end up doing all of these things, you might be a chronic procrastinator.

Why do people become chronic procrastinators?

A number of reasons can turn you into chronic procrastinators. Here are few factors to begin with:

  1. Do you have strict parents? Research reveals that kids with strict fathers are more likely to procrastinate. This is because they don’t have the freedom to rebel.
  2. Do you feel concerned about your public image? The pressure to stay perfect can trigger you to procrastinate regular chores.
  3. The society has the power to build and destroy. Unfortunately, societies are not programmed to appreciate punctuality and genuineness. Instead, it loves people who are late, unorganized and not ready to work. The gifts of breaking rules are much more interesting than what is offered when you follow them.

The best relief for chronic procrastination

Though the roots of procrastination are deep, you can cure the condition. The cognitive behavioral issue needs to be rectified through therapy. There are many effective counseling methods to help you. In fact, psychotherapies are designed to reroute laziness, negative emotions and inaccurate decision making traits.

Apart from medical assistance, there are few more effective ways of curing chronic procrastination:

You must be surrounded by the right kind of people. Not all individuals are chronic procrastinator. In fact, there are doers in every community. It would be wise to surround yourself with such individuals. When you are amidst doers, you will be more inclined to accomplish tasks on time. They will be a good influence on your way of thinking and living.

Chronic procrastination cannot be cured overnight. Instead, it is a step by step process. For example, if you have to complete an essay by the end of the day – try to approach it in stages. You must complete a few paragraphs every hour. Take breaks, but stick to a planned schedule. And, if writing few paragraphs is difficult for you, complete one at a time!

“Rewards” can motivate human beings to do anything and everything! This is why rewards can be used to cure chronic procrastination. Rewarding will help you enjoy your tasks. In the long run, you will be tempted to complete work before the reward. For example, if you reward yourself with an episode of “Big Bang Theory” after laundry – wouldn’t you be excited to complete the chore?

You can cure chronic procrastination but you have to take action. Ideally now!