How to Let Go of the Past and Live in the Present

Sometimes in life we go through experiences that leave us hurt and sometimes traumatized. These experiences tend to hold us back from moving on with life or they define every decision that we make. These can cause you to be paranoid, afraid and anxious to live and thus events pass you by.

If you have had such an experience that is causing you not to focus on your present life, then there are a few points to help you let go of whatever happened to you in the past:

Identify Emotions Triggered by Past Experiences

Doing this will help determine what emotion a reminder of the experience elicits in you. Give the emotion you feel a name and what causes the feeling to come up. This way you are able to ignore the emotion any time you think about the past.

Acknowledge all your feelings.

Talk to Someone

let go of the pastExpressing your feelings to someone you trust is a step towards recovering from your past. It helps to reduce the anxiety or maybe anger caused by memories of the past.

The person you decide to talk to must be someone you obviously trust, very patient since you may need to talk to them over and over and a good listener. They may not say much but just venting to them take away some of that tension bottled up in you.

Seek Professional Assistance

If talking to a friend does not seem to do the trick then you should seek professional help.

These professional include counselors, psychologists as well as therapists. You may be afraid of seeking help because you assume that people around you will think that you lost it completely. However, your mental health is a great determining factor of whether you will be able to live your present life.

If you’re ready for the idea of a personal session then listening to a hypnosis track can be a very effective (and cheaper!) alternative.

Deal With The Past Trauma

Trauma limits you from living your life in the present because every time you recall what happens you become sad, anxious or restless. This can take a toll in your family and professional life.

The first step to overcoming trauma is to understand that trauma alters how you perceive things and therefore you need professional helps. The process can be long but as long as you are committed then eventually you will be able to put your traumatic experiences behind you.

Mental health professionals who deal with trauma are meant to give you the following;

  • Empowerment-This has to do with giving you the power to take back control of your life.
  • Validation- whereby the professional acknowledges and validates that you went through a traumatic experience and also recognizes how this event has shaped yourself and the decisions you make
  • Connection- trauma can sometimes lead to you isolating yourself from other people but talking to someone who understands what you have been through can help you feel attached to people.

Forgive and Forget

Sometimes people who have hurt you in the past are moving on with their life not knowing the impact their actions had on you. Focusing on them limits you from moving on with your life.

Forgive them and forget what they did to you. Some people choose to go to the person and tell them that they are forgiven while some write a letter expressing their choice of forgiveness but do not post the letter. Whatever you choose to do, the important thing is to forgive so that you
have a clear mind to build yourself.

Change Your Routine

Change how you did things in the past. This helps you to create new memories and experiences. Continuing to do things the same way you did before elicits a lot of undesired emotions.

Discover Positive Motivations and Take Responsibility for your Happiness

If you have the right motivation to let go of the past then you will find focusing on the future much easier. A positive motivation can be moving to a new place, a new relationship or a new relationship. All these can push you to moving on in order to give the best of yourself.

Finding ways to enjoy the present instead of blaming your feelings on other people is a huge milestone towards letting go. Things like meditation, exercise and new hobbies are ways in which you can take back control of your happiness and life.

Sometimes healing and letting go of the past can take time so you must be very patient.

At the end of the day it is worth every effort you make. Spend time and energy trying to improve yourself than being angry and blaming others for your bad experience as this only gives them power over you.

And check out this hypnosis track to help you to easily let go of the past.