How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep Away From Home

Some of us have the problem that having a good night sleep away from home is difficult to achieve. You may feel every last drop of noise from your surroundings causing you a hard time to fall asleep or making you stay awake the whole night.

Other people experience a deeper anxiety of sleeping away from home and it can be a very tough time for them. The only way to overcome this kind of issue is to develop a relaxed and peaceful state of mind while spending a night at other places.

1. Relax your mind in a natural way

● Drink a chamomile tea

Chamomile is known as an excellent relaxing tea. Some people believe that it is a strong and effective sleep-aid. It’s better if you buy it in an unprocessed and organic form but chamomile in tea bags can also yield a calming effect and help you get a good night sleep away from home.

● Take a dose of melatonin.

Melatonin is a hormone that regulates sleep. It is safe and a natural sleep aid that gives an awesome effect. Take approximately .3 to .5 mg before bedtime and get yourself relaxed.

● Take valerian root.

This is another natural way to help you experience a good night sleep away from home. Many scientific studies have shown that valerian helps correct any sleep disorder, including the difficulty of falling asleep. Take 200mg to 800mg before bed to get the right effect. There is also other natural medicine that helps like kratom powder which cleanse up your body and make you feel better which also can help to a good night sleep.

● Apply a lavender spray.

Lavender provides a soothing smell. Nighttime sprays can be bought at your local health store. Spray a little amount on your pillow before bedtime and you will get into a deep and relaxing sleep.

2. Create a restful mind

● Limit the use of electronic devices.

Gadgets will almost always make you stay awake longer, especially when you play your favorite games. It is best to limit or avoid the use electronic devices near bedtime. This is because it takes a couple of hours before your mind calms down after being exposed to electronics.

● Practice a yoga exercise.

There are many yoga practices that help relax your both mind and body. It gives you a peaceful mind, which you need and helps you fall asleep. Yoga can also take away your anxiety and stress. Practice a yoga that you can do especially if you are a beginner in this kind of exercise.

● Practice some guided imagery meditation.

Imagine a tranquil and stationary place such as a green and breezy forest or a meadow of various flowers. Make this run in your mind and visualize the beautiful views, natural sounds, and smells. This relaxing imagination will replace the place around you. It will give you a cool and refreshing feeling that helps you fall asleep.

3. Make the place feel like your home.

● Bring your earplugs and eyeshades.

It is better to always be ready for any circumstances you might encounter anywhere. You can’t always guarantee that the place you will be staying or spending a night has a quiet environment. It could even be just a handful more cars outside or other noises. Bringing earplugs is a good practice to keep any outside noise in its place. A sleep mask will also prevent you seeing that the place is not your home thus helping you think that you are in your bedroom.

● Bring your bedtime stuff.

Bringing your own bedtime materials such as a pillowcase, blanket and bed sheet and even your stuffed animal (go on, you can admit to that) can help you adapt to the place and make you feel more like it is your room, if you have the means you can even bring your air mattress you got specially for occasions like this. You may also bring pictures of family to turn the room more like your home. This kind of practice makes you feel more comfortable and helps attain a peaceful mind, I also suggest that if you have babies, finding a spot to place your baby monitor is a good idea, or you can get a baby monitor with app that way it is all virtual.

● Practice the same routine.

You normally make other seemingly small adjustments when you stay at a place that is new to you.

To have a good night’s sleep away from home, make sure you keep close to the same routine you do in your home before going in bed.

Take a shower before bedtime wherever you go if this is your practice at home.

You may also bring your favorite books if you usually read before you sleep.

Keeping the same routine help your body and mind remember that it is time to sleep.

And think about playing yourself a hypnosis track, specially recorded to help you drift off to sleep in record time.