How To Deal With Not Achieving Your Dreams – 5 Ways

We all have our dreams and ambitions in life. How much effort and time have you put in pursuing your dreams? Lots, right?

Imagine not being able to achieve those dreams. It would probably be one of the worst things in your life.

Don’t worry, though. All is not lost. Below are 5 ways on how to deal with not achieving your dreams.

Change For The Better

achieve your dreamsNot being able to achieve your dreams shouldn’t be the worst thing.

Quite often, it can be an indication that you’re not pursuing the right thing – the law of attraction covers manifesting things in our lives and if you’re not manifesting something, there’s a good chance it’s not right for you at the moment. That happens with a lot of things we dream about early in life as well as other things that we focus on later.

This could bring a lot of changes to your life. You could end up realizing what you’re really good at or enjoy doing (we always succeed more at things we enjot). And that could lead to a change in career or direction in life. At the end, you could be a better person as well as being happier and more satisfied with your life.

It’s never too late to change – lots of famous entrepreneurs didn’t become succesful until what would normally be called their twilight years.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Not being able to achieve your dreams will open up your mind.

You’ll start to think of what went wrong and what you didn’t do right.

A critical analysis of your journey in pursuing your dreams could point out some of your weaknesses and strengths. Don’t beat yourself up about this. Some mistakes and setbacks are inevitable, otherwise everything would be boring and predictable.

Doing this will be an invaluable lesson that will help when pursuing other dreams in future and will help you to reach them because, by definition, you’re slightly older and slightly wiser.

Learn To Be Patient

If you haven’t achieved your dreams yet then maybe you weren’t patient enough.

Some things may not happen when we want them to.

Maybe they will come to pass. Or maybe they will never happen.

If you’re going to hold on your goal, that will be fine.

If you let go and start working on other things, that will be fine too.

The bottom line is, you need to learn to be patient. Great things often take time to come to fruition.

Understand That’s How Life Is

Another thing you’ll get from not achieving your dreams is the understanding of how life often works.

In as much as you should fight for your dreams, you should understand that life does not always allow us to have what we want – it’s almost impossible for everyone to get their own way all the time (both teams in that match can’t win it for example.

Getting to accept this fact will bring an early healing to you.

In any case, this shouldn’t stop you from pursuing other dreams. In fact, you’ll have more time to focus on new projects.

You’re Not A Failure

If you haven’t – yet – achieved your dreams then don’t despair.

You’re not a failure.

In fact, you should congratulate yourself for trying.

Not many have had the same courage to fight for their dreams.

You should focus more on the journey rather than the final outcome.

You almost certainly learned a lot when pursuing those dreams. 

What you learned could be more important than even achieving those dreams or it could be a stepping stone to something even better.


The above tips will guide you on how to deal with not achieving your dreams and how to turn that round to a positive so that you achieve more in the future..

You’ll learn a lot by pursuing your dreams.

Not achieving dreams won’t take away those lessons. You’ll also get to discover more about yourself. All this will benefit you in future.

And if you’d like more help to achieve your dreams in the future, download this audio and play it to yourself regularly to help train your subconscious mind to help you achieve your dreams more often.