How to Change Your Mindset for Success

It’s by no means all in the mind.

But there’s a lot of your success that’s affected by mindset.

Successful people think differently – failure doesn’t show up on their radar anywhere near as often as other people.

Maybe it’s because they’re practising the law of attraction more often – almost forcing the universe to deliver what they want,

Here are five ways that you can change your mindset for success:

Change your mindset for success1. Create a plan for yourself

Successful people seldom “wing it”.

They have a plan.

It may or may not be a cunning plan.

But it’s definitely something they follow and they keep referring to it and adjusting it as time goes by.

You don’t need a detailed plan – that can come later – but you definitely need a goal or something that you want to reach.

Once you’ve got that, you can figure out the steps you need to take in order to get there.

Make those steps bite sized and do at least something towards making your plan happen every single day.

Your mindset will follow – our minds believe us a lot more when we actually do what we’ve said we’re going to do and that, in turn, forces us to be more successful.

2. Start prioritising your time

A lot of success is the same as Nike’s slogan: Just Do It.

Maybe more than people would care to admit.

If you get to the end of the day and end up scratching your head, wondering where the time has gone, then it’s time to start prioritising your time.

Notice I didn’t say managing your time as that’s borderline impossible.

But figuring out where your time is well spent and stopping yourself wasting quite so much time constantly checking emails, logging into Facebook & Twitter, watching YouTube videos, etc. can turn things round.

If you really don’t know where the time is going, use a piece of paper or a spreadsheet and jot down what you’ve mainly been doing for each half hour of the day.

Don’t leave that to the end of the day – do it as soon as each half hour ends, otherwise you’ll try to kid yourself that you’ve been more productive.

Within a day or two it will become clear where your time is being wasted and how you can prioritise it better to help ensure success.

3. Create a Vision Board

It doesn’t have to be fancy – mine is just a few images and words printed out and stuck to my wall.

But a vision board can make all the difference when it comes to mindset and helping you achieve success.

The constant reminder of what you’re aiming for (put the board or printout somewhere conspicuous!) keeps reminding you of what you’re aiming for.

Put the same image as the wallpaper on your mobile phone and desktop computer and the screensaver if you use that.

4. Be more positive

Thinking positive thoughtsPositive thinking more often trains your mind to think positively.

It’s a virtuous circle.

Will you still think negative thoughts? Probably.

But you should begin to think them less often.

And that positive attitude will start working it’s way into your life in ways you’d never imagined.

Plus you’ll start to catch yourself thinking negative thoughts and you’ll be able to nip them in the bud.

Too many people hold on to negative thoughts as though they define themselves with them.

If that’s you, loosen your grip on those draining negative thoughts – literally push them out of the way with your new-found positive attitude and let the negative thoughts wither on the vine.

5. Train your mind

Our mind is like anything else in our body that we want to work on – it needs help and training.

If you leave your mind to its own devices there’s no telling what will happen. Look at some of the people you know who just seem to drift through life to see that’s true.

You need to work on your mind – whether that’s thinking positive thoughts more often, devising ways to overcome procrastination (the one I use a lot is to start before my mind has chance to think about procrastinating), improving your self discipline, setting yourself goals or anything else.

And if you’d like help training your mind, check this out, it’s specially designed to help you with all those annoying obstacles that seem to conspire against you and will help you change your mindset for success.