How to Have an Abundance Mentality and Attract More Wealth

Having an abundance mentality is something you can nurture and grow.

It’s usually a gradual process – like most things, you chip away at the edges, almost imperceptibly and it seems like nothing is happening.

Then you begin to notice things turn round for the better and you go from a downward spiral to an upward one.

Try it for yourself, starting today!

Have an abundance mentalityAn abundance mentality is almost the polar opposite of a scarcity mindset.

And far too many people have an outlook that reinforces the idea of scarcity.

So it’s actually the scarcity mindset that you’ll be working on and cutting down to size when you do these things.

That means that whenever you think about scarcity, you nip those thoughts in the bud.

At first, that could seem like an uphill struggle – itself a scarcity mindset!

You probably won’t manage to catch every single scarcity thought that goes through your head, especially at first. But treat it as a game where you get more proficient as time goes by.

Each time you think a negative or scarcity thought, imagine that it’s in a thought bubble. Then aim an imaginary arrow at the bubble and imagine it bursting, splitting the words into their component letters and watch them tumble to the ground in an incoherent mess before they melt into the ground as positive fertilizer or get washed away to be re-used in more abundant sentences.

And one of those abundance sentences should be what you replace the scarcity thought with so there’s not a vacuum in your mind where the scarcity thought previously was.

It’s usually easy enough to turn a scarcity thought into an abundance one:

Flip it through 180 degrees so it’s the opposite of its former self.

If your mind won’t easily let you think abundant thoughts immediately, sneak past it. A good way of doing that is to change a thought from being “I am rich” (or whatever other abundance thought you want to use) to “I allow myself to be rich”.

Your mind has a lot less ammunition to use against allowing yourself to do something whereas the “I am rich” thought can be a step too far if your mind looks around you and basically answers back “No you’re not” and shifts the thought away without further notice.

It’s a lot harder for it to contradict the “I allow myself to be rich” thought. Although there could still be negatives that it can conjour up, they’re less potent than it simply saying “no”.

Set a short term goal

Sure, long term goals are great to have but they take too long to happen.

Our minds work fast and they need fast results. Plus society gears us to instant gratification – on demand TV shows, fast food and almost everything available now, this instant.

So pick a short term goal – measured in days, not weeks – to trigger something that helps nudge you towards a more abundant mindset.

Maybe it’s as simple as spotting a coin when you’re walking somewhere.

People drop coins all the time.

And abundant people spot those coins and sometimes even notes.

A friend of mine does this all the time – he’s always picking up spare change and you can almost guarantee he’ll spot coins even when you’ve walked straight past them.

He’s conditioned his mind to spot them and to accept that there’s free money everywhere.

You can do the same – just tune your mind in to the tiny glint of a coin laying in the street, waiting for you to spot it.

Don’t force anything, just let the thought that you’re regularly topping up your small change float through your mind often.

It doesn’t have to be money that you manifest in your short term goal. It could be absolutely anything – seeing a particular make or model of car, noticing more attractive people walking past you, getting an unexpected call from a friend. Absolutely anything you’d like to manifest as your short term goal.

As you become more proficient at this, you can make those goals more ambitious. Things are around us all the time, often hiding in plain sight. It just takes a small adjustment in our attention to bring them forward.

Try it for yourself!

Be thankful for what you already have

We live in an abundant society.

Compared with even 50 years ago, almost everyone’s standard of living is higher.

Colour televisions, phones (with full motion cameras) in our pockets, reliable cars, plentiful (and often cheap) food, the list goes on.

Take the time out to be thankful for all the abundance you already enjoy.

Just the occasional word to the universe works a treat.

Make a habit of being grateful regularly and consider keeping a gratitude journal by your bed and writing in it every night. A few simple sentences saying “thankyou” for whatever good experiences you’ve had that day.

If you find it difficult to think of things to be grateful for – that can sometimes happen when you first do this – then include the air you breathe, the roof over your head, your internet access, the food you’ve eaten, the clothes you’re wearing, the streets you’ve walked or driven on, the places you’ve visited. You’ll soon start to remember more things to be grateful for because your mind will home in on them now that you’re setting your focus on attracting things to be grateful for.

That will have the added advantage that you’ll be priming your subconscious mind for gratitude just before you go to sleep each night. It can then help to prime your subconscious mind with even more gratitude and thanks.

It’s all part of the “what we focus on” happening more often that makes up the law of attraction.

Cut out the negatives

That means the news in whatever shape or form you digest it.

Bad news sells and gets views or ratings.

Unless the news has happened to you, it’s highly unlikely you can change what’s in it. And even then you’d need a time machine because the word happened is – by definition – past tense.

And if anything really important has happened, someone will tell you about it. Bad news spreads as fast as gossip.

The other negatives are the ones lots of people say as a matter of course.

Blaming themselves for bad luck – you can turn round how you phrase that and catch yourself more often when you say something negative.

And if you’re in the habit of answering “not bad” when someone asks you how you are, start to answer along the lines of “I’m good thanks” instead.

It’s the little things that mount up with abundance.

A bit like a dripping tap.

If you’d like more help developing your own abundance mentality, click this link.