Does Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Work?

Millions of people around the globe are overweight or obese. Many of them are trying to lose weight and have tried everything: diets, exercises, liposuction, etc. However, the failure rate of these methods is very high. That is why alternative medicine offers a new way to lose weight that does not involve suffering: virtual gastric band hypnosis. Virtual gastric band hypnosis is an avant-garde technique that proposes to lose weight through hypnotic messages and the positive reprogramming of thoughts in order to face bad eating habits and create a new healthy way of eating in the individual. Obviously the virtual gastric band only exists in the mind of the individual, which was created through hypnosis. It is therefore a non-invasive technique that does not require any kind of surgery. Logically this all sounds too original, so people wonder: does virtual gastric band hypnosis work?

gastric band hypnosisThe answer is yes, as long as each patient is advised before trying this method, consults with people who have already tried this technique and visits highly trained professionals. Here are some ideas for being well informed about virtual gastric band hypnosis.

  • Remember that gastric banding surgery consists of reducing the stomach, in order to eat less and not gain weight. The technique of virtual gastric banding hypnosis does exactly the same thing but without surgery, so it is not invasive. Everything happens in the patient’s mind. Through several hypnosis sessions, the patient’s mind is reprogrammed with healthy eating habits and positive thoughts that generate self-confidence. Once the treatment is finished, the patient’s mind is “convinced” that his/her stomach has been reduced and therefore he/she is much less hungry and eats less than before, resulting in weight loss.
  • The hypnosis session is so well done that the subconscious accepts that a gastric band has been installed in your stomach and therefore it is now smaller. As the mind dominates the body, it works as if the stomach is really smaller and you are less hungry, eat less and lose weight. The patient did not go through any surgery, but the subconscious believes he did and the body responds as if he had actually undergone gastric banding surgery.
  • Hypnosis works in this way: while the patient is hypnotized, the subconscious assumes the idea that the stomach is reduced tahnks to a gastric band and therefore the patient will be less hungry in his normal life. The subconscious also receives ‘orders’ which allow it to acquire healthy eating habits. After the hypnosis sessions, the patient will eat healthily of his/her own free will, without feeling forced or pressured to follow an imposed diet. Finally, the patient has a new mentality about food.
  • The secret of the success of this method is that the mentality regarding food changes radically for the better. The patient no longer feels so hungry during the day and manages to feel full when he eats normally, without having to keep eating for no reason.
  • The patient is in control of what will happen during the hypnosis session. He/she knows that healthy habits about food will be implanted in his mind and then hunger and satiety will be properly managed. Before being hypnotized, the patient will be properly relaxed to go through a virtual gastric banding “surgery” and to encourage the incorporation of healthy ideas. The patient is informed of everything that will happen in the hypnosis session and will not do anything that he does not want to do.
  • Treatment: the hypnosis session of the virtual gastric band lasts 150 minutes, it can be individual or group. First the patient is informed about all the positive ideas that will be implanted in his mind, through the subconscious. Then the hypnosis session itself begins. When the session is over, this work continues in the patient’s home. The patient takes with him two recordings that contain the subliminal reprogramming of new healthy eating habits. The patient should listen to it every day, twice a day, in the morning when he wakes up and at night before going to sleep. The patient writes down in a diary everything that happens to him/her during the treatment. His/her progress, doubts, fears and his/her new relationship with food. The treatment lasts 112 days and it is believed that after finishing it, the patient has radically changed his/her diet for the better.

You should never be afraid of hypnosis even if some people want to scare you by making negative comments about it. The key to success is to do this treatment with serious and highly trained professionals or with a professionally recorded gastric band hypnosis download.